Post-Matura economics apprenticeship

How the training works

The training period lasts 24 months and comprises the following steps:

  • A block of six months of studying at the Kaderschule Zurich
  • 18-month internship at Zurich
  • Completion of the program leads to qualification as a certified economist

Six months at the Kaderschule

At Zurich, the PWA begins each year in February with the study block. You attend our partner institution, the Kaderschule Zurich, in either Zurich or Winterthur. Zurich pays the cost of your studies.

During this six months of intensive study (full-time), you will acquire a basic knowledge in the following fields:

  • Economics 
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Business management
  • Law 
  • Business English
  • Business French 

At the end of this six-month block, you will take written and oral certification exams for the PWA.

Kaderschule Zurich

18-month internship

Your internship at Zurich begins immediately after you complete the study block – you will receive remuneration for the internship. Over the course of 18 months, you will acquire a range of practical experience in up to three areas*. You can choose among the following:

  • Human Resources 
  • Finance
  • Marketing 
  • Communication
  • Strategic Support

* If a department does not have a free internship at that time, the intern is obliged to make a different choice.


  • Attractive salary throughout the entire training period of 24 months
  • Assumption of school fees
  • Opportunity to gain insights into three different business areas
  • Extensive participation in organizing the job rotation
  • Diverse and deepened insights into the business world
  • Support from a personal mentor

Get ahead in the business world

Zurich is dedicated to promoting highly skilled talent. Many PWA graduates appreciate this and choose to pursue their career at Zurich. Further education at a technical college or university is a useful addition.

Prerequisites and applications

You are an ideal candidate for this program if you have the following profile:

  • Successful completion of your Matura or equivalent
  • Motivation and ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrating self-initiative and responsibility 
  • Performance at a high level and willingness to learn
  • Experience in a work environment 

All of our programs begin in February. Starting in August, please send your full application by e-mail to:

Applications have to be submitted in German.