Insurance assistant VBV

How the training works

The training period starts in September, lasts 18 months and comprises the following steps:

  • Monthly study blocks each lasting between one and three days (30 days total)
  • 18-month internship at Zurich
  • Completion leads to certification as insurance assistant from the Swiss Insurance Industry Vocational Training Association (Berufsbildungsverband der schweizerischen Versicherungswirtschaft; VBV)

Theory training

School starts two to three weeks after you begin working at Zurich in September. The study block totals 30 days, split into short blocks of one to two days each month. You must also complete 500 hours of independent study.

You will learn the basics of the private insurance industry. You will also acquire basic knowledge in economics, law and accounting. 

Attendees from German-speaking Switzerland will study in Zurich; those from French-speaking Switzerland will study in Pully near Lausanne.


Over the course of 18 months at Zurich, you will acquire broad practical experience in up to three areas. You can choose between the following:

  • Product development and underwriting
  • Sales support
  • Technical support and management consulting
  • Brokerage
  • Claims and service management

Our internships places are mainly based in Zürich, occasionally also in other regional headquarters of  Zurich Switzerland or in Lausanne.

Or are you mainly interested in areas such as Marketing, Human Resources or Finance? Then please take a look at our internship Post-Matura Commercial Education.


  • Attractive salary throughout the entire training period of 18 months
  • Assumption of school fees
  • Well founded insurance knowledge
  • Opportunity to experience three different business areas
  • Extensive participation in organizing the job rotation
  • Diverse and deepened insights into the business world
  • Support from a personal mentor

Your VBV certification

The final stage of your program involves both written and oral exams. You will also be assessed in three working and learning situations (WLS). If you pass your exams, you will receive your certification as VBV insurance assistant.

Get ahead in the world of finance

Once you have passed all your exams, there are numerous options and career opportunities available to you in the insurance industry. Since Zurich is dedicated to promoting highly skilled talent, many graduates choose to pursue their careers with us. Additional qualifications – for example, from the Höhere Fachschule Versicherung (HFV) – are an ideal addition for the business world.

Prerequisites and applications

You are an ideal candidate for this program if you have the following profile:

  • Graduation from high school or vocational high school (Handelsmittelschule) qualifying for college (HMS Plus), or completion of an apprenticeship that qualifies you for college
  • Motivation to explore the world of insurance
  • Desire to acquire practical experience as well as knowledge and skills
  • Openness to new experiences and active participation
  • Conscientiousness and ability to work independently

All of our programs begin in September. Starting in January, please send your full application by e-mail to:

Applications have to be submitted in German or French.