Zurich supports sports for the disabled

Sports for the disabled are also competitive sports. PluSport is an umbrella organization that is responsible for sustainable development in competitive sports for the disabled in Switzerland. Zurich supports this advancement of future talent and presents the annual Zurich Newcomer Award. PluSport was founded in 1960 and is the umbrella organization for sports for the disabled in Switzerland. The association has around 12,000 members and aims to promote the integration of people with disabilities through sport. One of PluSport’s most important tasks is to promote future talent in competitive sports. With a comprehensive concept for encouraging future talent – from popular sports to high-performance sports – PluSport aims to recruit, select and encourage a broad talent base. Ambitious athletes are also given the opportunity to take part in national and international competitions.

On the way to the top

Zurich supports PluSport’s advancement of future talent, striving to make it easier for these athletes to reach the top of their game. In this context, Zurich has presented the Zurich Newcomer Award to successful young athletes each year for some time now.