Job vacancies

We are open to new things - are you?

Whether your expertise is in administration or analysis, jurisdiction or journalism, management or mathematics – the world of insurance needs all sorts of specializations. That’s partly what makes it so exciting working at Zurich: Here you’ll find people from all over the world and come into contact with a huge variety of specialist areas. Find your dream job here and delve into our world: We look forward to seeing you!

Tips for applicants

So you want to apply for a vacant position? That’s great! Please compose a cover letter in the same language as the advertisement and save it to the job portal with your résumé (CV), your diplomas, and your employment references. Your cover letter should tell us why you’re ideal for this role. We look forward to reading more about your personality, experience and successes – thank you! Here we have a few more tips for you so you can present yourself to your best advantage.

Can you not find a suitable position on the job portal? Then give it some time: Simply set up your personal search subscription on the job portal and we will provide you with information about suitable positions.
  • Look forward to finding out more about the advertised position and the chance to showcase yourself and your skills. Targeted preparation is the key here.
  • You can choose up to three areas so you can discover various roles at Zurich.
  • Justify your motivation for this position not only in terms of feelings, but also with sound arguments.
  • Ask you own questions about the work, the environment and the working conditions: It’s better to have these prepared than to be spontaneous here.

Presenting and convincing

You’ll score points for having the skills relevant to the job and for having good answers to the classic interview questions.
  • Why do you want a change? And why this position?
  • What skills and experiences will you bring to the new task?
  • What experience are you still lacking and why are you suitable for the role regardless?
  • What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • Points in your résumé?
  • Are there points in your résumé that require explanation?
  • What are your expectations with regard to salary?