Lucerne Festival

Thanks to an easy access and innovative formats you can enjoy classical music with the whole family. So we help to preserve these great timeless art forms for the future.

Easter and summer festival

LUCERNE FESTIVAL focuses on musical themes. In spring, they are more likely to be spiritual and reflective to match the Easter season. Choral music and compositions from the baroque period characterize the offerings. The longer summer festival has a more diverse approach in terms of its form, style and geography. Concert activities throughout the city, chamber music, large symphonies and the residences of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL Orchestra and the Lucerne Academy immerse the city in a summer frenzy of music.

Young Performance

During a six-month work period, Young Performance develops a top ensemble of international musicians that has no need for music stands and does not wear formal attire.  During a choreographed concert performance, visitors from the age of six learn to listen again and be amazed at what music today is capable of in a spectacular way.


The "40min" format in Lucerne Hall involves the interaction between big names and young artists, serving as a supporting program for the main concerts. The musicians have an exceptional amount of freedom in terms of programming and arrangement. Unknown and surprising pieces are presented to visitors – a very special warm-up with free admission.