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Up close and personal with the national team

Experience exclusive moments with the Swiss national ice hockey team

Passion, emotion, excitement: a range of sporting highlights awaits hockey fans over the next weeks and months. As the main sponsor of the Swiss national ice hockey teams, we offer fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into their world.
We had the unique opportunity to accompany the stars for two days, from warm-ups and the changing room to on-ice training and a match. With the help of 360° technology, we’ve created spectacular videos that show exciting details of the sport from a totally new perspective. Experience unique insights into the national team – available now on the Zurich YouTube channel.

Grams: the weight of the puck that the Swiss national team uses in practice.
The number of calories a national player burns every 15 minutes on the ice.
The total number of registered ice hockey players in the world.

It fits!

A helmet that fits also protects. If two fingers can fit between eyebrows and helmet, that’s a sign that the helmet fits.

Full face protection

Until they are 18 years old, hockey players must wear full-face protection. It protects their teeth from blows and pucks.

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