Zurich is committed to ice hockey

A row of ice hockey helmets featuring the Zurich logo

It fits!

A helmet that fits also protects. If two fingers can fit between eyebrows and helmet, that’s a sign that the helmet fits.

A young ice hockey player wearing a blue mouthguard

Protection for our juniors

Swiss ice Hockey and Zurich are highly committed to the safety of the Swiss Ice Hockey juniors.

Play with protection

Play with protection

Mouth guards are every bit as important to hockey as shin guards are to soccer and helmets are to ski sports. Read on to find out why.

Picture of an ice hockey match in action

Our commitment

Ice hockey is part of Swiss culture and means passion, team spirit and perfection: the same values that Zurich demonstrates towards its customers and employees.

Rear view of ice hockey players sitting on the players’ bench

Special offers for hockey players

At Zurich, licensed hockey players benefit from attractive special terms on selected products.