The goalie is the best insurance in ice hockey

Reflexes as life insurance

The goalie has no time to think

Goalkeepers have to be able to defend against shots from incredibly short distances at speeds of up to 180 km/h. They rely on their reflexes to provide their team with the best protection against a goal.

Good to know ...

Our national goalie in the NHL

National goalkeeper Jonas Hiller played nine seasons in the NHL, and was the second Swiss player in the All-Star Game.

The goalkeeper is protected

One unwritten rule of ice hockey: a team acts immediately when their goalie is attacked.

Right by the referee in the middle of the action

Patric Mohler sat right by the referee. His conclusion: despite heated discussions with players, there is always a good atmosphere.

Our experts at work

is the puck’s mass in kilograms as it makes a direct impact on the goalkeeper.
is a beloved shirt number among our goalkeepers. It goes back to NHL legend Terry Sawchuck.
minutes – goalie Marco Bührer went this long without letting in a goal in 2013: a Swiss record!

The team’s best insurance

The goalie is the one you rely on

The goalkeeper plays a leading role in an ice hockey game: as the last line of defence, they offer the best protection against a goal by the opposing team.