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Hockey family photo at the Spengler Cup

Show us your best blue smile

Are you going to be at the Spengler Cup? If so, visit the Zurich tent for a great photo campaign. With a bit of luck, you might even get a snapshot of a national star. On all Cup days, a photo booth is available for you and your friends and family to take funny hockey family photos with a blue gummy bear gum shield. It's well worth a visit! If fortune favors you, you might even get to take home a snapshot of yourself and a national star.
20 kg
That's how much a goaltender's protective equipment weighs in total! The leg guards alone amount to around 5 kg.
With a strong hit, a puck can reach a force of 1,900 kilograms.
Since this year, it has been mandatory to wear a helmet when playing ice hockey in Switzerland and other countries.

A mouthguard with bite

It's finally here! The blue mouthguard for the national team

These unique items were personally handed to the players at the match against Canada on November 8. Follow the story and let yourself be enchanted by the blue smiles of the national stars.

It fits!

A helmet that fits also protects. If two fingers can fit between eyebrows and helmet, that’s a sign that the helmet fits.

Full face protection

Until they are 18 years old, hockey players must wear full-face protection. It protects their teeth from blows and pucks.

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