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Our commitment to
the environment

Zurich has set itself ambitious goals with respect to reducing CO₂ emissions and became the first insurance company worldwide to sign the UN resolution on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

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Sustainable Operations

Zurich is constantly optimizing its own footprint and has set itself ambitious targets with respect to reducing CO₂ emissions against the backdrop of the worsening climate crisis: By 2025, we will reduce our absolute emissions by 50 percent and by 2029 by 70 percent – both reductions relate to the level in 2019.

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Sustainable Innovations

We are working continuously on the development of services that contribute to solving the ecological problems of our age. For example, by supporting our customers with products for a more sustainable lifestyle. Or by helping property owners to identify potential natural hazards for every location in Switzerland and by providing tips on how best to protect oneself against such hazards.

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Sustainable Investments

Zurich manages around USD 200 billion. We want to create sustainable values through this. In addition to investment returns, we focus on three targets: the complete decarbonization of our investment portfolio by 2050, the avoidance of five million metric tons of CO₂ emissions and the support of five million people per year through impact investments. 

We want to reduce our own CO₂ consumption by 70 percent by 2029.

Marianne Hänggi, Head of Sustainability

Projects and initiatives

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Quai Campus

Sustainable Operations

Our story builds on a great history with the city of Zurich. Nowhere is this reflected better than at our headquarters at Mythenquai – the Quai Campus. It is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world and so is a symbol of our sustainability efforts.

A windmill next to house

H2 Energy

Sustainable Innovations

Zurich is supporting the switch to electric vehicles. However, Zurich is also convinced that we should not just focus on one drive technology. That is why Zurich is supporting the project by H2 Energy to promote green hydrogen propulsion.

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Climate-neutral investments

Sustainable Investments

Zurich is one of the world's largest investors. The aim is not only to generate the highest possible returns. Environmental and social criteria play a key role too. Our goal is clear: By 2050, all investments are to be 100-percent climate neutral.

Sustainable innovations


Zurich e-Car Insurance

Protects against damage to the high-voltage battery, theft of and damage to charging infrastructure at home or in your holiday apartment, and the loss and misuse of charging cards and charging apps.

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Zurich Earthquake Insurance

Protect your building, household contents or business inventory against the natural hazard with the greatest potential for damage.

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Zurich Bicycle Insurance

With Zurich bicycle insurance, your beloved bicycle or e-bike is comprehensively protected in the event of theft, damage and destruction. 

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Zurich Geothermal Probe and Heat Pump Insurance

Safeguard geothermal heat exchangers or heat pumps, including associated systems, against damage and theft.

Zurich Solar Insurance

Protect photovoltaic and solar thermal systems and components connected to the grid against losses due to damage, revenue losses or additional costs.