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Get back to work fast with Zurich Case Management

If an employee’s desk remains empty, Zurich can help you with vocational reintegration through our network of chosen specialists and targeted case management.

Medi Point – the first port of call for your and your employees’ medical questions

Are you looking for an independent medical examiner? Or do you need a doctor quickly because an employee has had an accident? Zurich has access to a large network of select specialists and hospitals in Switzerland.

  • More than 200 doctors and hospitals with over 50 medical specialties are united in the Zurich network – you still have the right to visit the physician of your choice
  • You receive comprehensive information on all matters of prevention, immediate assistance in the event of accident or illness, or a swift second opinion
  • Report any employee accidents or illnesses quickly and easily with the free software solution Sunetplus
  • Medi Point is also available to your employees free of charge

By the way:
In an emergency, we’re here for you 24 hours a day

Case Management – personal care for the affected persons

Serious illness and accidents can mean that employees are unable to work for long periods. Zurich’s case managers respond to this by staying in personal contact with the sick or injured person from early on, initiating any necessary actions and enabling cooperation with specialists.

  • Case managers are available after accidents, sickness and in cases of liability involving serious physical injury
  • Zurich handles the coordination between medical specialists, dependents and you as the employer
  • The goal of Zurich Case Management is to prevent long-term disability or a deterioration in the affected person’s health (e.g. disability and thus support through disability insurance)
  • Zurich helps your employees reintegrate in the workplace
  • Zurich also helps if the person affected needs to retrain for a different job

By the way:
Zurich was awarded the first-ever Prix de l’Intégration Professionelle (professional integration prize). Since 2008, a Swiss social institution for handicapped people (INSOS-FAH Vaud) has recognized companies that help disabled people return to work.

Back to work – telephone support for the affected persons

It’s not always easy to get back on track professionally and personally after an accident or serious illness. Zurich is here to advise those affected.

  • Zurich stays in close contact by telephone with all involved parties, so the person affected can get back to work as soon as possible
  • Zurich works closely with its own medical partners to get your employees the optimum care
  • Zurich offers work facilitation services and organizes meetings with HR or initiates contact with career advisors
  • At the first signs of disability, Zurich works with Swiss Disability Insurance to coordinate measures such as modifying the workplace or finding training courses

By the way:
You and your employees pay no additional premiums for any services that are part of Zurich Care Management if you already have accident, compensation or liability insurance with Zurich, or if you are insured with us as a private individual.

Our advisory service

Effectively support your employees in the event of illness or an accident. We would be glad to advise you.

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