Accident and sickness notification with SunetPlus

SunetPlus enables claims and absence management as well as threat analysis in companies with a focus on the administration of accident and sickness notifications. Zurich provides this software free of charge.

Overview of SunetPlus

  • SunetPlus software is useful for corporate customers who have more than 15 accidents and/or sicknesses per year
  • SunetPlus lets you produce statistics and carry out evaluations
  • Accident and sickness notifications are easy to record and transmit
  • Data is transmitted to Zurich with SSL encryption
  • SunetPlus software can be deployed locally and in a MetaFrame environment, offering multi-user support while still being service-friendly
  • The software is constantly upgraded in line with legal requirements and can be updated via the Internet


Our partner BBT Software AG is ready to assist you with questions or problems. Call the free hotline on 041 455 30 30 or visit our website where you can find also the software for downloading.