Fidelity Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • You are insured against pecuniary losses and liquidity shortfalls caused by fraud, embezzlement or computer crime in your company
  • This insurance comes into effect when existing control mechanisms fail (e.g. physical security, IT security)
  • You reduce your personal liability risk as a member of management or the board of directors
  • Insurance coverage for management subjected to the use or threat of violence by employees
  • Extended coverage for IT risks with the addition of cybercrime and misuse of data
  • Individual solutions for medium- and large-sized companies
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Good to know

There’s not much discussion on the topic, but the fact is that Swiss businesses suffer around CHF 100m in losses every year due to breach of fidelity (source: Zurich’s film «Vertrauensmissbrauch»).

In detail

There is no control good enough that it could not be circumvented in today's digitally networked world. Zurich Fidelity Insurance offers companies insurance coverage against pecuniary losses caused by fraud, embezzlement, computer crime or hackers, for example. The culprit could be any employee – from staff all the way to the executive and supervisory boards.

Effective protection against white-collar crime

  • Protection against pecuniary losses resulting from criminal actions by employees 
  • Covers losses arising due to the storage of items belonging to third parties
  • Insurance coverage for directors and officers subjected to coercion, threats or violence by employees
  • Assumes the cost of data reconstruction, external investigations and prosecution
  • Protects against cybercrime by third parties directed at the company

Protection against cybercrime and misuse of data for SMEs

In addition to fidelity insurance, you can protect yourself against liability claims in connection with IT risks and the loss of confidential information with the cybercrime and misuse of data module:

  • Liability coverage if sensitive customer data is lost 
  • Additional cost coverage for communication measures to stem crises 
  • Additional coverage of added costs caused by hacker attack

Our advisory service

Internal controls can prevent a lot of incidents, but not everything. Protect yourself against breaches of fidelity. We would be glad to advise you.
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Vita – occupational retirement provision

Mandatory occupational retirement provision (BVG) supplements AHV/IV benefits in old age, disability and death. Make provisions for yourself as an entrepreneur and for your employees and choose the occupational pension plan from Zurich and Vita Joint Foundations that suits you best.

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Protection for inventory and earnings

Water damage in a warehouse, followed by loss of income – the financial consequences can be severe. Protect yourself against risks, now.

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Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.