Cyber Insurance for SME's

Cyber Insurance for SME's

2 out of 5 Swiss SMEs have already experienced a cyber attack. Zurich helps you manage the consequences, whether this be a business interruption, loss of data, or claims for damages from customers and partners.

When everything else fails

Zurich looks after the financial consequences of hacker attacks, such as for the restoration of data.

Help after data theft

If customer data are stolen, those affected may hold you responsible. Zurich offers valuable support in this situation.

We make it easy for you

If necessary, we give you access to IT specialists who will help you limit your losses and restore your systems.

Benefits at a glance

  • Insurance against the costs of data losses after hacker attacks
  • Broad cover for third party liability as well as first-party losses
  • Support in the event of a loss
  • Brokering of specialists if need be and access to experienced attorneys in the event of legal disputes
  • Limits the financial consequences of a business interruption
  • Zurich also represents you in defending against unjustified claims

In detail

Zurich Cyber Insurance for SMEs covers the requirements of companies with up to 50 employees or up to 20 million in turnover. For larger companies, Zurich offers Cyber Security and Privacy, a comprehensive cyber-solution.

First-party losses

Costs for virus removal
Costs for removing malware from computer equipment and for restoring systems

Data restoration costs
Costs for recovering damaged and/or destroyed data

Business interruption losses
Loss of revenue and additional cost coverage after a cyber incident

Third-party damages

Data protection liability

Assumption of defense costs and claims for damages after a breach of data protection or the transmission of malware

Cyber legal protection

Assertion of claims for damages and advice on immediate measures

93 %
of data breaches are caused by human error or erroneous processes
39 %
of data breaches are caused by human error or erroneous processes
2,5 %
of all affected companies suffered a business interruption after the cyber attack

Our advisory service

Zurich Cyber Insurance for SMEs. We would be pleased to advise you.

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