Probandenversicherung für klinische Versuche

Insurance for Clinical Trials

Professional coverage for clinical trials For clinical trials in the pharmaceuticals and medical technology sectors, as well as those taking place in hospitals, forward-looking protection against risks is indispensable. Zurich’s insurance solution for clinical trials with and without therapeutic products provides comprehensive coverage for you and your trial subjects.

Benefits at a glance

  • The industry’s leading claim settlement system through the group’s own competency center in Zurich and one office each in French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland
  • Proven solutions and attractive insurance terms for clinical trials
  • Many years’ experience has given us extensive know-how in assessing the risks of clinical trials
  • Discretion guaranteed – Zurich handles all documentation in strictest confidence
  • Simpler administration through a framework agreement for businesses and organizations that carry out many clinical trials

More details

As a sponsor of a clinical trial, you want to ensure that any trial subjects are protected against potential dangers, and that the tests comply with all ethical standards that apply in Switzerland. With Zurich at your side, you can keep financial risks under control and direct your full attention to your research goals.

Good to know

  • Zurich is one of Switzerland’s leading specialist insurers for clinical trials and can leverage its know-how to offer solutions for international clinical trials
  • Zurich’s insurance solutions comply with the “Requirements for insurance policies for clinical trials on therapeutic products involving human subjects” as developed by Swissmedic, the Ethics Commission and the Swiss Insurance Association

Professional advice for pharmaceutical firms, manufacturers and hospitals

  • Each insurance for clinical trials is calculated according to your individual needs and risks
  • Zurich’s risk assessments are carried out by specialists from risk engineering, the medical support team and the physician consultancy network
  • Our know-how – accumulated over many years – means that we can conclude your contract quickly and you can start your clinical trials as soon as possible

The industry leader in claims handling in Switzerland

  • Zurich has its own competence center for medical claims in Zurich, plus one office each in French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland
  • This guarantees that any claims in the event of physician and hospital liability as well as claims arising from clinical trials will be handled professionally
  • Our benefits package also covers the costs of experts, lawyer and court costs and compensation for the parties concerned

Our advisory service

Take out forward-looking coverage to insure against risk in clinical trials. We would be glad to advise you.
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