General Business Liability Insurance

Financial protection

Protection against the financial consequences of justified claims for damages

Legal protection

Defense against unjustified claims and legal protection in criminal or administrative proceedings

Basic cover

Broad basic insurance for comprehensive basic cover


  • Protection against the financial consequences of justified claims for damages
  • Defense against unjustified claims and legal protection in criminal or administrative proceedings
  • Broad basic insurance for comprehensive basic cover
  • Flexible solutions for sector-specific as well as individual requirements
  • Companies operating in various sectors can obtain straightforward cover with a single policy
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In detail

There are so many causes of property damage and accidents to third parties: e.g. defective products, insufficiently maintained equipment, improper machine handling. Zurich Commercial Liability Insurance makes these risks calculable.

Benefits in basic insurance:

  • Business premises risk: risks relating to buildings, premises, plants or properties
    Example: part of the ceiling comes loose at your store and injures customers
  • Operational risk: risks brought about by day-to-day operations
    Example: when carrying out building work a wall collapses and injures someone
  • Product risk: risks arising from manufactured, processed or traded products
    Example: a machine you manufactured explodes and destroys parts of a building
  • Environmental risk: risks to which the company is exposed as a result of a unexpected environmental incident
    Example: a neighboring plot of land is contaminated by leaking liquid

Additional interesting benefits in basic insurance:

  • Twice the sum insured per annum
  • Insurance coverage for mutual claims of your companies that are insured under the same third-party liability policy (cross liability)
  • Claims handling within the deductible (from 1,000 Swiss francs)
  • Worldwide insurance coverage (except USA and Canada)

Options and supplementary insurance to the basic insurance

The flexible selection of our supplementary insurance policies complements the broad basic cover and also covers your individual requirements. This means that we can provide a solution that is tailored to your activities.

For example, you can select from the following supplementary insurance:
  • Dismantling and assembly expenses
    Example: a drive motor you have manufactured for a machine does not produce the required power, and has to be removed from the machine to rectify the fault and then reinstalled. The costs for dismantling and assembly are insured.
  • Determination and remedy costs
    Example: as a water pipe you supplied is leaking in a building, the defective section has to be found using a pipe camera. The costs for the search with the pipe camera are insured.
  • The loss of use
    Example: the driving roller you manufactured for a conveyor belt breaks, causing your client’s conveyor belt to stop. The loss of revenue of your client due to business interruption is insured.
  • Recall costs
    Example: the coffee machines you manufactured exhibit safety defects that could lead to bodily injury and must therefore be recalled. Insured are recall costs such as transportation and return costs as well as travel expenses for employees.
  • Damages incurred in mixing, combining and processing
    Example: a substance you supplied is used to produce a drink. As the substance does not have the right consistency, the drink is unpalatable. Insured are the costs incurred by the producer to recover the drink. Excluded is the substance supplied by you.
  • Extended loss to property in the custody of / worked on by the insured
    Example: while a customer’s TV set is being repaired it falls to the ground and is destroyed. The destroyed TV set is insured.
  • Extension of the geographic scope to the USA and Canada
    Example: a cheese you supplied to the USA leads to food poisoning. Bodily injuries in the USA are insured.
Benefit from double the insurance sum per year
10 %
Discounts over 3 years for all business start-ups
Zurich recommends 5-10 million as the insurance sum for SMEs

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Protection for managers

Directors’ and officers’ liability covers the costs of legal defense in the event of complaints and unjustified claims, as well as compensation payments.

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Vita – occupational retirement provision

Mandatory occupational retirement provision (BVG) supplements AHV/IV benefits in old age, disability and death. Make provisions for yourself as an entrepreneur and for your employees and choose the occupational pension plan from Zurich and Vita Joint Foundations that suits you best.

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Protection for inventory and earnings

Water damage in a warehouse, followed by loss of income – the financial consequences can be severe. Protect yourself against risks, now.

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