Zurich investment foundation

Zurich investment foundation

When there’s a lot at stake, only the best is good enough

Would you like to invest your pension fund assets and customer assets in sound and secure vehicles and at the same time benefit from the expertise of top asset managers?


  • The Zurich investment foundation is a major provider of institutional investment solutions in the Swiss market  
  • It manages around 16 billion Swiss francs, making it the largest bank-independent investment foundation in Switzerland.
  • It selects its fund managers on the open market and offers a wide variety of investment solutions and cost advantages.
  • The investments of the Vita Joint Foundation, Zurich’s own pension fund in Switzerland, and many other pension funds are affiliated with the Zurich investment foundation.
  • The Zurich investment foundation is regulated by the Supervisory Commission for Occupational Pensions (OAK BV).


Investment products

  • The diversified investment portfolio of the Zurich investment foundation allows pension funds to implement their investment strategies effectively: either with risk-based strategies or with a targeted selection of our wide range of investment products.

Individual portfolio

  • With its modular system, the Zurich investment foundation is able to offer the perfect investment solution for all pension funds that wish to determine their asset allocation independently.
  • Our offer includes different portfolio options. After a detailed risk analysis, you decide which portfolio best suits your needs.

Philosophy and performance

  • The Zurich Investment Foundation is managed by Zurich Invest Ltd. The philosophy of Zurich Invest Ltd is simple, well thought-out and reliable: It only works with the best asset managers and their performance is continuously monitored.
  • Zurich Invest Ltd selects the best products and partners for each asset class. This clearly structured and independent investment management process demonstrably delivers impressive performances that are higher than the benchmark indices. Time after time, this has been assessed by independent comparisons.

How our investment management process works

billion in assets under management
independently selected asset managers
1 largest bank-independent investment foundation

Our advisory service

Do you want to invest long-term and secure capital gains? We would be glad to advise you.

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