Alter­na­tive In­vest­ments

Opti­mize your risk/­return pro­file

Alternative investments offer broader diversification and improve your portfolio’s risk-return ratio with minimal capital investment. You choose the portfolio that suits your strategy; we find your ideal asset manager.

Hedge Fund CHF – high po­ten­tial re­turns

  • For investors looking for the ideal portfolio add-on in volatile markets to optimize their risk/return profile
  • The portfolio takes account of various investment strategies and styles worldwide and in all sectors.
  • The portfolio is denominated in CHF, with currency risks hedged in the target funds
  • The target yield is 5% to 7% with an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years

Win-win situa­tion with pri­vate equity

  • This investment option offers long-term, fixed capital to support non-listed companies (e.g. start-ups and expanding businesses) in their growth
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation has structured this investment option for Swiss pension funds, taking account of regulatory, legal and tax-related directives
  • You benefit from attractive risk premiums
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation grants you access to a well-diversified private equity exposure with minimal administrative effort
  • Transparent and cost-efficient fee structure
  • Term between 12 and 15 years

Infra­struc­ture – an invest­ment solution that doesn’t de­pend on the econ­omy

  • The portfolio invests 100% in the infrastructure asset class (e.g. social infrastructure, communication, utilities) – worldwide
  • This investment strategy focuses on existing assets that need to be redeveloped in industrial nations (brownfield infrastructure)
  • The yield does not depend on the economy because infrastructure is always needed – demand and capital requirements are constantly rising
  • Term between 12 and 15 years

Insur­ance Linked Strat­egies (ILS)

  • ILS invests in investments whose value and return are linked to expensive, but rarely occurring insurance risks like natural catastrophes or averages
  • ILS are an attractive alternative to fixed interest investments thanks to good inflation protection and low correlation to the capital markets
  • High diversification potential thanks to investments in various regions, with different kinds of risks and various instruments (securitized cat bonds or OTC transactions)
  • Specialist investment solutions for Swiss pension funds
  • Management by a large international team of experts with many years of experience

Senior Loans

  • Investment primarily in secured business loans to debtors with no investment grade rating (Standard&Poor’s: «BB» or «B»)
  • Solid and stable returns, on average 5% in the past 15 years – thanks to minimal interest rate change risk and fixed credit risk premiums even if interest rates continue to rise
  • Good diversification: Debtors from the US and Europe; majority of issuers not listed on the stock exchange; broad range of sectors
  • Primacy of senior loans and special obligations for debtors guarantee the highest protection against capital loss
  • Investment guidelines and investment structure tailored to the needs of Swiss pension funds
  • Currency risks can be fully hedged in Swiss francs; an unsecured variant is also available (Senior Loans Unhedged)

Secu­rity and competence

  • Zurich Invest Ltd, which manages over CHF 16 bn and is overseen by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), acts as guarantor for security and competence – it is a 100% subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Because it serves as a major investor, it can offer its customers investments at attractive conditions
  • Three investment platforms: Zurich investment foundation, Zurich Invest Institutional Funds (ZIF) and Zurich Invest Luxembourg (ZILUX). Zurich Invest Ltd thus offers both conventional and alternative investment solutions
  • Our asset management process is structured and independent – this means we can find the best asset managers for you and meet all relevant compliance requirements
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation also offers the following services to enhance these products: detailed reports about the portfolio, custody account management free of charge, implementation and monitoring of the investment strategy (on request)

Our advisory service

Do you want to diversify your portfolio with alternative investments and optimize returns? We would be glad to advise you.

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