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Real Estate

Sustainable value development for businesses and pension funds

Real estate is integral to any successful investment. The Zurich Investment Foundation offers six different portfolios that invest in real estate here and abroad. Use this opportunity for broad diversification and improve your potential returns in the long term.

Benefits at a glance

  • Professionally managed real estate investments in national and international markets
  • Your choice of six funds that are broadly diversified and have a transparent structure
  • Good risk/return ratio because there is minimal correlation with the stock and bond markets
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation has high expectations in terms of quality and location of real estate, and of its sustainability
  • Our asset management process is structured and independent – this means we can find the best asset managers for you and meet all relevant compliance requirements
  • You benefit from attractive conditions

In detail

The Zurich Investment Foundation invests in national and international real estate depending on the fund. This means that, as an investor, your company benefits from our broad diversification and from the various economic and market cycles. Plus: the portfolio’s risk/return ratio improves substantially because there is low correlation between real estate and the stocks and bonds markets.

Real estate investments in the Swiss market

  • Four investment options that invest in commercial and/or residential property and in listed Swiss real estate funds and companies
  • Commercial property is defined by long-term rental contracts and relatively low maintenance costs. Returns tend to be higher than for residential property
  • Real estate is diversified in terms of size, age structure and geographical location
  • The Swiss real estate market is characterized by its stability (low volatility)

Real Estate Europe

  • The Zurich Investment Foundation developed the Real Estate Europe Direct portfolio especially for tax-exempt institutions in occupational pension plans that want to invest in real estate outside Switzerland
  • Attractive potential returns and international diversification: this portfolio focuses on commercial property in key markets in Western and Northern Europe
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation keeps the investments in a holding company in accordance with Luxembourg law – your benefit: no tax at source on earnings and dividends

Real Estate Global

  • The Real Estate Global Index portfolio invests in equity papers and participation rights that are part of the UBS Global Investors Customized Index. The portfolio is hedged to 100% in Swiss Francs
  • This index includes listed real estate companies and funds that achieve more than 70% of their yield from property

Good to know

  • In addition to the external checks and reporting carried out by asset managers, investors also benefit from the long-standing experience of Zurich Invest Ltd. This 100% subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, which manages over CHF 16 bn and is controlled by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), represents security and competence. Because it serves as a major investor, it can offer its customers investments at attractive conditions
  • The yearly real estate valuation for investments in Switzerland is conducted by the independent expert Wüest & Partner AG.
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation portfolios include direct (a) and/or indirect (b) real estate investments: (a) Persons (natural or legal) buy and/or acquire real estate directly. For tax reasons, this investment can be executed through a holding company or so-called special purpose entities. (b) This is the option for purchasing shares in real estate companies or real estate funds
  • The Zurich Investment Foundation also offers the following services to enhance these products: detailed reports about the portfolio, custody account management free of charge, implementation and monitoring of the investment strategy (on request)

Your consultation

Invest in real estate to diversify your portfolio in the long term. We would be glad to advise you.

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Domicile or seat in Switzerland

a) Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities traders, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes.

b) Regulated insurance institutions.

c) Public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations.

d) Companies with professional treasury operations.

The requirement of professional treasury operations is met if the investor entrusted at least one qualified and experienced person in the financial sector with managing its financial resources on a permanent basis.