Pension Fund for SMEs

For companies that demand the best transparency and security

Vita Classic is above all a secure and simple solution for occupational retirement provisions in your company. It’s a custom-built pension fund. Be it the BVG minimum benefits or extended benefits, Vita Classic offers individual pension plans that meet your needs and those of your employees.

  • Clear separation of investment and insurance, thus creating transparency
  • Comprehensive service from experienced specialists, from quotation to claims settling
  • The insured persons receive market interest rates and participate fully in the investment result- for the perfect pension
  • Help Point BVG (phone 0800 80 80 80) is available to answer any questions from you and your employees regarding occupational retirement provision
  • The Vita Joint Foundation is independent; affiliated companies elect the foundation council
  • Manage your data quickly and easily online with the Online occupational pension plan

By the way:
When you choose Vita Classic you join the Vita Joint Foundation. It is Switzerland’s largest autonomous joint foundation with 19,000 affiliated SMEs and in excess of 116,000 people insured. Further information is available at

For companies that want to give talent a little extra in occupational retirement provision

How do you keep hold of your best people? For example, with occupational retirement provisions that exceed the statutory minimum set out by the BVG. Vita Plus, a member of the Vita brand family, is a simple way to provide extra benefits in occupational retirement plans. This service from the Vita Plus Joint Foundation is the perfect complement to Vita Classic.

  • Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd guarantees 100% of your provision assets
  • Attractive interest rates and participation in surpluses
  • Insurance solution for the non-obligatory portion of your employees’ salary
  • Interesting options to optimize tax for the company and its workforce
  • Zurich Care Management ensures a quick return to work after a serious illness or accident
  • Manage your data quickly and easily online with the Online occupational pension plan

By the way:
Well-structured additional provisions contribute to a flexible retirement.

For companies that want a say in how investments are selected

Many companies want to have a say in how their occupational retirement plans are designed. And they can with the Vita Invest Joint Foundation, a member of the Vita brand family. You can determine how pillar 2 capital is invested.

  • The employer decides on the actual investment strategy – as well as the risk coverage, use of available funds and the interest rate for retirement savings
  • Choose between three standard investment strategies with interesting potential returns – custom strategies available for larger volumes
  • Investment income belongs to the insured persons
  • Guaranteed pension payments from Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd on retirement and in the event of disability or death
  • The strict guidelines set out by Zurich Invest Ltd and used to execute investments are your guarantee of safety and competency
  • Manage your data quickly and easily online with the Special Pension Plan Plattform

By the way:
Vita InvestPlus of the Vita InvestPlus Joint Foundation gives you the chance to have a say in the investments for your top talent.

For companies that want to give their employees a say

Vita Select lets your company customize occupational pension plans even more. Significant flexibility in the selection of both the investment and savings plan opens up new perspectives for insured persons in terms of tax advantages for supplementary and top talent retirement savings.

  • The insured person specifies which of the five investment strategies should be used for their capital
  • If their needs or circumstances change, Vita Select lets them move their pension capital to a different vehicle at any time
  • To employees, Vita Select offers pension savings with tax advantages. For employers, it means that they do not have to tax contributions as operating expenses
  • You define the appropriate risk benefits and tailor them to your employees' needs
  • Your HR department has minimal administrative work thanks to our helpline for insured persons (phone 0800 80 80 80)

By the way:
It shouldn't be a hassle to set up a flexible, personalized retirement plan. You can also use one of the optimized plan suggestions from the Vita Select Joint Foundation.

For companies in Liechtenstein

If you are a company based in Liechtenstein and want to put your occupational pension scheme into trustworthy hands, then Zurich is your ideal partner. Choose Zurich and you get a long-standing, established provider of pension solutions in Liechtenstein.

  • Zurich pension solutions cover the statutory minimum benefits, and on request can be adapted to individual requirements that exceed the mandatory benefits
  • Zurich is Switzerland's largest multinational insurance company and has many years’ experience in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the European Union
  • Guaranteed pension payments on retirement and in the event of disability or death
  • Attractive interest rates for the pension capital
  • Manage your data quickly and easily online with the Online occupational pension plan

By the way:
Zurich Care Management helps your employees get back to work quickly after an accident or illness.

For companies with an internationally mobile workforce

International companies that employ people who work across borders need a partner that understands their specific needs. Zurich has developed pension solutions for international clients, which take international workforce mobility into account.

  • A unique, globally consistent pension plan for financial protection of life, health and income of mobile workers
  • Attractive premiums and minimal administrative effort
  • You can chose and freely combine the benefits and sum insured
  • Payment and plan options in various currencies
  • Zurich specializes in locations with an increased risk and in high sums insured

By the way:
Zurich has more than 30 years' experience in international business. As a global insurance firm with 60,000 employees in 170 countries, we know what it takes.

Our advisory service

You tell us how you want to handle occupational retirement provision in your company. We would be glad to advise you.

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