Occupational Retirement Provision for Foun­da­tions

Support for com­pa­ny pension funds

Running your own pension fund is a complex matter in today’s environment. In addition to growing regulatory constraints and volatile financial markets, the costs of claims can also be a burden on a foundation’s balance sheet. We understand your concerns and can support you and your pension fund.

Risk insurance for company foundations for occupational retirement provision

Your pension fund has a small number of insured persons or wants to improve its level of coverage? In these cases you can insure part of your biometric risk with Zurich. You can choose between three product options: congruent and partial risk reinsurance, stop loss, and excess of loss.

  • With congruent reinsurance, you transfer 100% of the provision of regulatory benefits for your pension plan, and thus the risks of death and disability, to Zurich
  • Partial risk coverage gives you the option to transfer individual benefits only, such as the partner’s pension
  • As market leader in the stop loss segment, Zurich protects you against the extraordinary burden of claims (frequent small losses or one major loss) that exceed the agreed deductible; you can choose your own deductible
  • Peak risks (e.g. CEO disability) are covered by the excess of loss option, either combined with stop loss coverage or as a supplement to it

By the way:
Your Zurich insurance offers high loss limits: up to CHF 7m for individual losses and up to CHF 30m for total losses.

Professional managers for company pension funds

You want to keep your pension fund or joint foundation, but there is too much work involved? Zurich lets you outsource as much of the management of your pension plan as necessary: from IT and claims service, to administration and executive management.

  • Outsource the administration, executive management, IT and claims service for your pension fund or joint foundation
  • Zurich already manages the largest semi-autonomous joint foundation in Switzerland – take advantage of our experience
  • Simple processes, modern IT systems and strict compliance guidelines: we believe transparency is important
  • Experts in every area of occupational retirement provision are ready to take care of your pension fund
  • You can keep your foundation going without the additional effort

By the way:
Interesting bundles are available for companies that entrust risk coverage, investments and administration to Zurich.

Investment solutions for foundations and pension funds

Zurich is also your partner in matters of finance and asset accumulation. Thanks to the variety of Zurich Invest Ltd investments, pension funds can implement their investment strategy in an efficient and targeted manner while benefiting from various services.


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