Art In­sur­ance

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Art In­sur­ance – Zurich Art

The insurance for businesses and institutions that own art Companies and foundations that own art bear a special responsibility to their shareholders and benefactors when it comes to maintaining and protecting these financial assets. Zurich Art Insurance offers a range of multifaceted solutions. Art and security experts offer personalized advice on how best to insure your works of art.

Benefits at a glance

  • Art insurance tailored to your individual needs
  • Professional advice and support from art historians with many years’ experience in insurance
  • Optional add-on insurance to cover your paintings and other works of art during exhibitions and transport
  • Lower premiums if you modify your security measures where the artwork is kept
  • This art insurance takes into account changes in the market value of your artwork
  • Zurich Art Insurance is offered in partnership with Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG as coinsurance

More details

Good to know

  • In the event of theft, we will submit an entry to The Art Loss Register
  • Zurich maintains close relationships with gallery owners, restorers and other art experts; you benefit from this know-how
  • Zurich is not only committed to the arts as an insurer but also sponsors numerous cultural institutions

In detail

With Zurich Art Insurance, you cover all financial risks that can arise due to destruction, damage or loss of your treasured works of art as a result of fire, natural hazards, water or theft.

As individual as your art

  • Zurich Art Insurance is ideal for sculptures, graphic art, paintings, statues, antiques and contemporary media art
  • Arrange contingency coverage in an amount of your choosing and your art collection is also protected if its market value changes
  • Our art and insurance experts give you professional advice, so that your insurance coverage is tailored precisely to your needs

Premium and deductible

  • Your insurance premium will depend on the type of art being insured, the scope of insurance and the specific risk situation
  • Choose an appropriate deductible based on location and object group

Your costs are covered

  • Zurich Art Insurance covers the costs to you of preventing imminent and specific losses or mitigating these after an occurrence of loss
  • Cleanup and disposal costs, as well as emergency replacement of doors, locks and glass after an insured event
  • Guard and locksmith costs at the insured location if the space is no longer secure
  • Transport and storage costs for the items insured for as long as their usual location cannot be used
  • Costs of procuring similar items as a replacement for items lost or destroyed (e.g. travel, transport, customs, legal costs, fees)
  • Essential travel costs that you incur if you have to travel to the insured location of your art collection in the event of a loss

Our advisory service

Let experienced, reliable hands insure your works of art. We would be glad to advise you.
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Protection for managers

Directors’ and officers’ liability covers the costs of legal defense in the event of complaints and unjustified claims, as well as compensation payments.

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Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.