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What insurance should you consider?

Those who work in the wellness and beauty industry contribute greatly to the well-being of their customers. For them, a visit to the beautician or the nail studio is pure wellness. All the higher are the demands - that's why insurance against any liability claims is so important.

Frequent risks

If the customer gets hurt

In a cosmetic studio, a customer is injured during hair removal due to an incorrectly adjusted laser device. Zurich's liability insurance covers the costs of treatment as well as the customer's satisfaction.

Water damage

After a pipe burst, the adjoining room of a hairdressing salon is flooded at night. The property insurance covers the costs for the repair of the pipe and wall, the replacement of the swollen parquet as well as for the damaged packages with care products.


An employee in the nail studio accidentally destroys the large shop window while vacuuming. The property insurance pays for the damage.

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