HEV members benefit at Zurich

Thanks to Zurich’s partnership with the HEV

HEV Zurich has partnered with the Swiss Building Owner Association (HEV) for more than five years. Thanks to this partnership, HEV members enjoy special conditions at Zurich. Ask our specialists for a personal consultation or simply take out a policy online at Zurich Connect.

Personal advice

Our specialists advise all HEV members personally: visit one of our 140 general and main agencies throughout Switzerland to get answers to your questions about insurances, as well as insurance solutions tailored precisely to your needs. You will also enjoy special conditions. Receive a discount of up to 10 percent on the following products:

  • Car insurance: In addition to mandatory liability insurance, Zurich also offers a range of useful insurance cover to protect you and your car
  • Motorcycle insurance: Whether you need liability, collision or partial collision damage, Zurich gives you an optimal choice of cover
  • Contents insurance: Tenants and homeowners enjoy comprehensive cover for their worldly possessions – against fire, water and theft
  • Personal liability insurance: A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Zurich Personal Liability Insurance protects you in the event of a claim
  • Buildings insurance: This product from Zurich helps homeowners keep control of financial risks – including fire and water damage
  • Construction insurance: With builder’s risk and principal’s liability insurance from Zurich, you are prepared for every eventuality when building homes

Apply online

As a HEV member, you can also apply via our online portal Zurich Connect to benefit from these special conditions. Go online to calculate your quote and apply directly, all from the comfort of your own home. Receive a discount of up to 10 percent on the following offers:

  • Car insurance: Mandatory and useful – design your own personal insurance cover
  • Motorcycle insurance: Calculate what best suits your needs:  liability, accidental damage insurance or cover for loss or damage caused while parked
  • Contents insurance: No worries after damage due to fire, theft or water. Calculate your premium just to see how worthwhile it could be
  • Personal liability insurance: You can insure yourself, your partner or the entire family
  • Buildings insurance: Lightning, floods or hail – Zurich offers comprehensive cover for these and other losses

About the HEV

  • Boasting more than 320,000 members, the Swiss Building Owner Association (HEV Schweiz) is one of the country’s largest organizations. HEV has been a professional point of contact for all matters of home ownership since 1915
  • HEV members are organized into a total of 122 sections. Each section is made up of independent associations
  • HEV members can take advantage of a wide range of services, such as free legal advice by phone, guides and factsheets about home ownership, a specialist fortnightly newspaper called "The Swiss Homeowner" and interesting pooling offers (e.g. mortgages, heating oil)
  • You are well-insured, thanks to the partnership with Zurich Switzerland – and at special conditions
  • Find out more at http://www.hev-schweiz.ch or from your local HEV section (in german)

Our advisory service

HEV members enjoy special conditions for Zurich insurance solutions: get personal advice or apply immediately online.

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