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Are you moving or have you just moved?

Insure your home contents now and receive a pizza voucher worth CHF 50!

Big dreams, small budget?

We offer you a youth discount of up to 18% on your contents insurance and a discount of up to 30% on your personal liability insurance.

Mobile phone stolen?

Theft coverage will get you a replacement device in under 48 hours so you can get back online.

Spilled coffee over your laptop?

Insure your electronic devices – for as little as CHF 55 per year.

Insure your house contents and enjoy a free pizza

It is easy and convenient purchase your contents insurance directly online. Until October 31, 2020 you will not only benefit from the youth discount, but you will also receive a pizza delivery voucher from Dieci worth CHF 50, which can be redeemed for anything from a cozy evening of television after moving into your new home or for lunch in your home office. 

The best protection for you and your belongings – simply explained

What is covered in your insurance and what is not? You can find this and all other important questions here.

Why do I need contents insurance?

Contents insurance protects your belongings in the event of a fire, burglary or water damage. You are also covered if, for example, your mobile phone is stolen in the park. As soon as you move into your own place, you will also need your own contents insurance.

What are «home contents» anyway?

Imagine that your house is a doll's house and you turn it upside down. Everything that has now fallen out of it comes under contents – in addition to the bike in the basement, the ski equipment in the garage and the luggage set in the attic. If you were to move tomorrow, what would you pack in the moving truck? The sum insured that you choose should enable you to purchase the entire contents of the moving truck brand-new.

At what value should household goods be taken into consideration?

The sum insured corresponds to the total value of your home contents. But can anybody tell you the value you of their home contents at the drop of a hat? This is why you shouldn't just blindly rely on the standard values given by the online calculator. The tool doesn't know that you own five snowboards, a mountain bike or a very expensive gaming PC.

Attention: If you set your sum too low, you run the risk of only part of the damage being compensated should the worst happen. If you're unsure, go around the apartment with a notepad and add everything up.

What is the sum insured and how can I determine it correctly?

Is your furniture brand new or has it already been gnawed by the ravages of time? This is of no importance for the sum insured for the contents insurance: The decisive factor is not the current value, but the replacement value. To correctly determine the sum insured, you need to consider the price at which you could purchase the contents brand new.

Can I get better protection for my mobile phone?

Of course. And this could be of interest: Because other misfortunes could also befall your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, in addition to being stolen; they could be dropped, bashed, drowned in coffee or left out in the rain. The additional module «Accidental damage to electrical equipment» is there for just such damage, whether it was inflicted by you or someone else. In contrast to basic mobile phone insurance, your tablet, TV and gaming PC are also protected – in each case with a deductible of at least CHF 200.

Do I need theft insurance?

If something is stolen from your home, it is covered by your contents insurance. With the supplementary module «Simple theft outside the home», you can protect your bicycle, mobile phone, laptop and designer handbag when you are on the go – cash is not covered, however. If your mobile phone is stolen, Zurich allows you to choose a replacement online – or you can opt for a payout or a voucher.

Should I also take out personal liability insurance? What is that, anyway?

Personal liability insurance is highly recommended: It is there for damage that you mistakenly inflict upon others – if you were to stumble, for example, and knock an antique vase off its pedestal or put a burn in the carpet of a hotel room. It is there for those times when, as we say, things go awry.

Tip: Be sure to include gross negligence cover with your personal liability. After all, who can completely rule out the possibility of something really unfortunate happening to them? The extra few francs are a good investment and ensure that you receive the best possible protection – even if your mind was somewhere else entirely for a moment.

Will I receive a youth discount with Zurich?

You bet! Zurich offers attractive youth discounts for anyone under 30 years of age; these can be as high as 18% when taking out contents insurance with personal liability insurance. If you are under 25, you can even benefit from a discount of up to 30%.