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Zurich Premium Life with preferential conditions for SWISS eployees

  • Targeted asset building, thanks to guarantee and dynamic investment concept
  • Tax benefits in pillar 3a
  • Optional family protection in the event of death and income protection in the event of disability
  • High degree of flexibility
Thanks to the partnership between Swiss and Zurich, it is easier and more beneficial than ever to regulate or optimize your private pension. Swiss employees benefit from preferential pillar 3 conditions with Zurich.

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If you are unable to work following an accident or illness, there can be dire financial consequences. With a Zurich disability pension and premium waiver in the event of disability, you can secure your income and pension contributions in the event of disability. This protects you against income gaps and ensures that you reach your savings target.

Lump-sum death benefit

Those in the middle of their life usually have special responsibilities. With Zurich Term Life Insurance, you can protect your family, life partners or business partners against the financial consequences of your death. In the event of a claim, Zurich will pay the agreed insurance benefit to the contractually agreed beneficiaries in a straightforward manner, irrespective of legal succession.

Retirement savings

In order to make plans for the period after employment, it is worthwhile to start early with the right pension plan. In private pension plans, money is saved for retirement in the form of life insurance with tax advantages. This can compensate for reduced income after retirement and maintain your accustomed standard of living.

Smart saving with Zurich

Flight attendant Heather Healthy, age 30, pays 300 Swiss francs into pillar 3 each month until retirement at 64. With this amount, she protects against disability, protects her family with a lump-sum death benefit and saves an extra chunk of money for her retirement years. 

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