Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive, competent advice on financing for real estate
  • Focus on security and tax aspects
  • Fixed and variable rate mortgages

Mortgage Rates

Current mortgage rates at Zurich
The interest rates* provided are only indicative and non-binding (based on current market conditions). They are dependent on factors such as the customer rating, underlying, loan amount and duration. The minimum amount for new mortgages is CHF 300'000.

Fixed-rate mortgages         Variable rate mortgages
(As at 09/01/2019)         (Initial financing only)
Term Interest rates         Rank Interest rates
3 years  0,850 %         I. 2,500 %
4 years 0,860 %          II. 3,250 %
5 years  0,870 %            
6 years 0,870 %            
7 years 0,920 %
8 years 1,020 %            
9 years 1,120 %

10 years
1,230 %            
12 years 1,400 %            

*Zurich accepts no liability for the accuracy of this information

In detail

There are various ways to finance the purchase of your home. Zurich experts can offer you a financing concept tailored to your personal needs.

Mortgages from Zurich

  • Choose between fixed-rate and variable rate mortgages, or combine the two; fixed-rate mortgages in particular offer a more reliable calculation in the long term
  • You benefit from Zurich’s comprehensive expertise and financial strength

Fixed or variable rate

  • Fixed-rate mortgage: fixed mortgage rates for a selected term, early cancellation only permitted with appropriate compensation
  • Variable rate mortgage: variable mortgage rate, unlimited term, cancellation at any time in line with the agreed notice period, switch to a fixed-rate mortgage at any time

Our advisory service

Whether financing a new property or switching your existing mortgage, we would be glad to advise you.

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