Security Deposit Insurance

The easy alternative for tenants and landlords

The same security with less expense: this makes Zurich Security Deposit Insurance an attractive alternative to conventional rent deposit accounts – for tenants as much as for landlords. Security deposit insurance is available from CHF 135 a year.

At a glance

  • Insure security deposits instead of putting the funds in a bank account
  • Just as secure as a security deposit account
  • Funds that become available can be used in other ways
  • Insurance from Zurich in cooperation with the Swiss Homeowner Association (HEV Schweiz)

In detail

The security deposit insurance guarantees the rent deposit that a landlord can demand from a tenant. Cover extends to all justified claims pursuant to the principles set out under rental law that the landlord may assert against the tenant on the basis of the relevant rental contract.

Benefits for tenants

  • You don’t have to provide a large amount of cash as a security deposit: security deposit insurance is available from CHF 135 a year
  • You can invest your money in new furniture or other purchases instead

Benefits for landlords

  • Complete security: the insurance pays for outstanding rental payments, damage to rental property and other matters of tenancy law
  • With Zurich you have a strong, reliable partner at your side
  • You can give your tenants the choice between a conventional rent deposit account and a security deposit insurance
  • You can replace an existing cash deposit with security deposit insurance by mutual consent

Good to know

  • Security deposit insurance is valid for residential properties throughout Switzerland
  • You can conveniently take out a policy online – it takes effect today or a date of your choice
  • Following expiry of the minimum three-year term, the insurance will be automatically extended for one year, unless terminated three months prior to the end
  • Security deposit insurance only covers claims that are not already covered by your liability insurance
  • The guarantee provided by Zurich lapses if the landlord asserts no claims against the tenant within one year of the end of the rental relationship
  • The insurance shall commence on the desired date pursuant to the certificate, provided that the first premium has been paid
  • Condition for the payments of benefits in the event of a claim: existence of written consent from the tenant and landlord, a written payment order or a final judgment

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