Unit-linked life insurance with potential

Benefits at a glance

  • The Capital Premium investment concept is designed for security and a steady income
  • The majority part of your savings premium is invested in the tied asset pool of Zurich Insurance
  • You benefit from the potential and earning power of Swiss companies
  • Upon maturity of the policy you will receive at least the paid premium guaranteed in the policy, in addition the investment performance within the policy could contribute to a much higher capital at maturity of the policy 
  • Your family is financially secure in the event of death due to the integrated Life insurance cover
  • Withdrawals are not liable for income tax in certain circumstances
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Good to know

  • Minimum single premium: CHF 30,000
  • Withdrawals are not liable to income tax under certain circumstances
  • Inheritance benefit – you can choose any beneficiaries of your choice
  • Your policy does not become part of the bankruptcy assets in the event of insolvency

In detail

The unit–linked life insurance Zurich Capital Premium enables you to benefit from tax advantages, generate extra income and simultaneously protect your family. The prerequisite: you must invest for between 10 and 15 years – policy loans are possible.

Secure investment concept with strong returns

  • Zurich invests the majority of assets according to the security principle: Capital Premium invests 80% of your savings premiums in the tied asset pool of Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd, which is administered according to the strict regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
  • For diversification purposes, Zurich makes a balanced investment of another 15% into a fund consisting primarily of Swiss stocks and bonds, and 3% into a certificate with SMI securities
  • Zurich thereby relies on the potential and earning power of strong Swiss companies

Guaranteed payout

  • Upon maturity of the insurance policy, you will get back the policy assets – the paid premium is guaranteed in the policy
  • In the event of death, Zurich pays out capital to your beneficiaries to the sum of at least 120% of your total contributions

Individual security with reserves

  • In order to limit the volatility of the investment, Zurich reviews the return-oriented investment assets each month for each individual customer
  • The income that you generate in excess of the predefined maximum is protected in a capital protection fund

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Returns and security

Accumulate wealth, make provisions for retirement and save on taxes – CapitalFund unit-linked life insurance makes it possible.

No short falls given loss of income

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Play it safe with your property

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