Disability insurance for children

Savings and risk coverage

Savings and risk coverage are individual components: you can combine savings and risk coverage from just CHF 100.

Capital coverage

Save for your child with a fund savings plan with many opportunities for returns. At the same time, at least 85% of the fund value is protected at all times.

Risk coverage

In the event of disability, your child receives a disability pension and a lump-sum disability benefit. Zurich also starts saving retirement capital.


  • Insurance for children in the event of disability due to illness or accident
  • Pays out savings before the age of 20 if the child becomes disabled
  • Disability pension if the child is unable to work from the age of 16
  • Policy pays into a retirement plan in case of disability
  • Pays out savings when the child turns 20
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At a glance

Risk protection with Zurich Junior
  • You can choose from three risk packages
  • If your child becomes disabled before turning 20, they will receive one lump sum payment
  • Zurich will also pay your child a regular pension that increases every year until retirement if they become disabled
  • In addition, Zurich will make annual payments into a retirement plan that will be paid out to your child at the age of 65
Saving with Zurich Junior

  • Security: Capital protection for at least 85% of the total investment
  • The accumulated savings are paid out when your child turns 20

Added insurance for an adult
  • Zurich covers the insurance premiums if something happens to the person paying the premium. The full insurance coverage remains in effect


If you are a parent, grandparent or godparent, you can use Zurich Junior children’s insurance to protect your child from the long-term consequences of disability, including the inability to earn a living. You can also build up savings for your child so that they can make a big dream come true after turning 20.
You can combine the savings plan and disability insurance or pay into only one of these modules based on your needs.

Good to know

  • Starting at CHF 50 a month, you can build up savings for your child with Zurich Junior
  • Starting at CHF 50 per month, you can protect your child in case of disability
  • As the policyholder, you determine on the payout date whether the plan will pay out cash or fund units. You also decide who receives the cash or fund units
persons under the age of 20 received disability insurance benefits (DI) in 2014
CHF is the disability pension (DI) paid to disabled children once they turn 18
CHF is the starting monthly amount for which Zurich Junior protects against the financial consequences of child­hood disability

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Providing financial security for a child in case of disability is a matter of trust. We would be glad to advise you.

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