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Pillar 3a: tax savings made easy

Pillar 3a lets you save taxes while making provisions for your retirement income. This private pension option is open to anyone resident in Switzerland, subject to tax payment and who is gainfully employed.

  • You can save as part of pillar 3a with life insurances, retirement savings accounts or retirement custody accounts
  • Save tax from your very first payment into a 3a pension solution
  • Provision contributions / premiums are deducted straight from your income on your tax return, which means it is really worthwhile paying in the maximum amount every year
By the way:
Capital saved in pillar 3a will be paid out at the earliest five years before you reach the official retirement age. In certain circumstances, you can withdraw capital earlier (for example, if you want to start a company or purchase residential property).

2020 maximum pension plan amounts

The Federal Council specifies the maximum amount that can be paid into pillar 3a and that can be deducted for income tax purposes. These amounts are as follows for 2020:

  • CHF 6,826 for employees and self-employed individuals with an occupational pension plan
  • 20% of the AHV earnings from gainful employment, up to a maximum of CHF 33,840, for employees and self-employed individuals with no occupational pension plan
By the way:
The maximum amount for employees and self-employed individuals with an occupational pension plan has risen by more than CHF 500 in the last ten years. This means it is worthwhile to regularly change the amount you pay in.

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