Zurich ZVolt

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Zurich Z Volt, unit price for car charging throughout Switzerland

Swiss national unit prices for all electric and plug-in drivers without subscription or basic fee.  Download the app now and benefit.


Swiss national unit price

Charge at all Zurich partner charging stations without hidden fees

No fees

No subscription or basic fees

You only pay for the electricity used to charge


Nationwide charging network coverage

One of the largest networks in Switzerland

Map charging networks

One of the largest charging networks in Switzerland for a unit price

Benefit from our unit price at all partner charging stations of GOFAST und evpass, irrespective of whether they charge normally or fast. With our strong partners, we have one of the biggest networks in Switzerland.

  • Customers with car insurance at Zurich pay: CHF 0.64 / kWh
  • Customers without car insurance at Zurich pay: CHF 0.69 / kWh
  • A price of CHF 0.25 / min applies to both at the fast-charging stations from the 61st minute.
Z Volt Screen

Zurich Z Volt, the charging app for everyone

  • Find charging stations and charge directly in Switzerland or Europe
  • Pay easily with saved credit card
  • All transactions at a glance
  • Display in real time - never drive to an occupied station
  • Charging card on request, can be ordered directly in the app

Download the app now and benefit

Z Volt fleet solution

Are you interested in a Z Volt fleet solution? We are working on it and would contact you as soon as this option is available. Please add your company to the waiting list.

What other customers ask

Why is Zurich offering a possibility to charge?

The subjects of e-mobility and sustainability are very important to us at Zurich Switzerland: Our subsidiary Zurich Schweiz Service AG offers an alternative to the often complicated and intransparent charging models: With our simple and fair solution, we want to drive electromobility forward and make life easier for our users.

How does the Zurich Z Volt app work?

You get a free account which gives you access to numerous charging stations in all of Switzerland and even abroad in Europe. You can charge your electric vehicle there without any hidden costs and pay directly - either via the app or the physical charging card. You can order your charging card in the app.

What are the costs?

Customers with car insurance at Zurich pay:
CHF 0.64 / kWh at the partner charging stations of GOFAST and evpass, irrespective of whether they charge normally or fast.

Customers without car insurance at Zurich pay:
CHF 0.69 / kWh at the partner charging stations of GOFAST and evpass, irrespective of whether they charge normally or fast.

An additional fee of CHF 0.25 / min is levied for both at the fast charging stations from the 61st minute.

What other costs are incurred?

None. You only pay for what you charge. There is no basic fee or subscription fee. You can see the terms at non-partner charging stations or abroad in the app at the particular charging station.

Any questions?

Z Volt is provided by Zurich Schweiz Services AG  (c/o Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Hagenholzstrasse 60, CH-8050 Zurich) 

* Currently restricted to persons domiciled in Switzerland.

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