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Investment funds - wealth accumulation

A trip around the world, a holiday home in the mountains or more money for retirement? There are so many reasons why you should choose to save money. The Zurich Invest fund account lets you choose between a range of investment funds to accumulate wealth in a structured yet flexible way.


Realize your dreams

Everyone knows that money can't buy you happiness. But it can help you realize your personal dreams and goals.

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Accumulate wealth

Investment funds are ideal for accumulating wealth in a structured way. They let you invest in a variety of different individual equities.


Diversify risks

Fund-based saving increases your potential returns compared to traditional saving while at the same time diversifying your risks.

Benefits at glance

  • Potential for higher returns than with traditional saving
  • Wealth accumulation in a structured and flexible way
  • Free withdrawals permitted at any time
  • Diversification reduces risks
  • Switch investment funds at any time
  • No notice period

In Detail

Zurich Invest fund account is the ideal solution for realizing your personal investment goals. You pick the investment fund that fits you and your goals best.

At a glance

  • There are various investment funds available
  • starting from an initial deposit of CHF 1,000. Payouts are permitted at any time free of charge
  • Regular subsequent payments are permitted starting at CHF 100
  • When you invest in an investment fund, you put your money in expert hands. Our fund managers seek out the best equities for you and systematically monitor the funds with active risk management

Good to know

  • The ideal investment solution takes account of various asset classes – such as equities, bonds and real estate. At the same time it draws on numerous individual equities. This increases the chance of potential returns for you while simultaneously diversifying your risks.

Your advisory service

Accumulate wealth in a structured way by investing in a variety of individual equities through a single fund.

Other products

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Accident insurance, as an add-on to your mandatory insurance, gives you optimum protection at home and in your leisure time.

No short falls given loss of income

Maintain your standard of living even after an illness or accident. Protect your income in the event that you become disabled. Zurich EmploymentRisk is just the right solution for this. 

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Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.