Zurich Retirement Pensions

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Financially secure, for as long as you live

Do you want a secure additional income when you retire? The Zurich retirement pension offers a guaranteed payment thanks to insurance cover: for as long as you live. And if desired, also for your partner.

Secure income in old age

You will receive a contractually guaranteed retirement pension - for life. Thanks to insurance cover, you not only benefit from the payments for a certain period of time, you receive the money for as long as you live. Even if you live to be 100. And this is the decisive difference to a pure investment product.

Your additional income - for life.

Your investment guarantees you an additional pension for life - regardless of how the capital markets develop or how old you get. This reliable additional income gives you the security of knowing that you will have enough money, even in old age.

The same pension for your partner, too

You can also take out a retirement pension for a partner. Then the insurance cover then refers to two people: The contractually agreed pension will continue to be paid to the surviving partner - ensuring optimum security for as long as they live. 

Protecting your surviving dependents

No one knows how long they will be able to enjoy retirement. If you wish, you can take out the pension for both partners, so that the surviving person continues to benefit from the payments. What's more, you can arrange for the remaining capital to paid out to the surviving dependents in the event of death.

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