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With Zurich Help Point you remain mobile at all times. We offer you a quick and relaxed repair service with a lifelong guarantee. By the way, 9 out of 10 Help Point customers would recommend Zurich!

Processing of vehicle claims



Anyone whose vehicle has sustained damage wants to remain mobile and get back on the road again with their own vehicle as soon as possible. Zurich ensures both and processes your vehicle claim in three quick and straightforward steps. Read on to find out how:

1. Reported

One call is enough

Simply call us in the event of an occurrence of loss – around the clock and free of charge:
0800 80 80 80 (or if calling from abroad
+41 44 628 98 98).

Or report your claim to us online.

2. Processed

Drive up

We are waiting to assist you in one of our 27 Help Points or our partner garages.

If you would like a garage of your choice to perform the repair, make an appointment directly.

3. Settled

Few formalities for you

Get back into your repaired vehicle at the Zurich Help Point or in the partner garage. Have a good trip!

If the repair was carried out by a garage of your choice, simply forward the bill to us.

We get everything started

We confirm your notification of claim by phone, inform you of your personal claim number and provide details on what happens next.

We promptly arrange an appointment for you at one of our 27 Help Points or in a Zurich partner garage.

If you report the claim to us online or using the app, we will contact you within two to four days.

Zurich keeps you mobile

If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy, we will arrange for it to be towed away.

To help you remain mobile while the repairs are being carried out by one of our partners, we will send you a replacement vehicle, public transport tickets or taxi vouchers – free of charge of course.

The extent of the damage will be determined and the repairs started. We take care of all formalities for you.

We stay on the ball

We keep you up to date until the claim settlement has been completed.

We then transfer any insurance benefits to you, minus the contractually agreed deductible.