Online special pension plan

You save time and money

You profit from the following benefits with the online special pension plan application:

  • Simple, fast management of your employee occupational pension plan data
  • Flexibility: e.g. you can record annual salary lists, notifications, amendments and terminations, add comments and send documents as attachments
  • You can track the status of any changes you’ve made at any time (in the Services area)
  • No printing or postage costs
  • You can contact your personal special pension plan specialists at any time with questions or problems (in the Contact area)

Online access to your data

  • A few clicks is all it takes to access up-to-date data about your employee occupational pension plan and insured employees – accessible 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday
  • You can retrieve various documents, download them either in PDF or Excel format and use them for your own purposes

Online simulation for fast decision-making

  • You can run a variety of simulated calculations online and see the status before and after changes 
  • This allows you to inform your employees quickly and openly in the event of purchases, retirements or early withdrawals

Secure transfers

Our online platform guarantees secure, fast data transfers:
  • Your data is transmitted with 128-bit encryption according to globally recognized security standards 
  • The login process includes a third security step: we send an additional code to your mobile device via a short text message (SMS)

Information overview

This documentation (PDF in German) guides you step-by-step through the entire online special pension plan application.

Click here (PDF in German) for an overview of your benefits and the functions of the online special pension plan.

Your login area and support

Go straight to the online platform and log in. Please contact our support if you have any questions or feedback.

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