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Relax Assistance travel insurance

General travel

Until May 30, 2021, the following recommendation applied: The Federal Council recommends avoiding all non-essential travel.

As of May 31, 2021, the following recommendation applies: 

The Federal Council recommends avoiding travel to states and regions with variants of concern. These states and regions are listed under sub-paragraph 2 of the risk countries list published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

There is a risk of infection with coronavirus in all regions of the world. It is therefore important to take account of information from the authorities, e.g. FOPH/FDFA, when planning travel and during a trip.

So what does that mean with regard to insurance coverage with Relax Assistance?

The insured person is travelling to a country that is not on the risk countries list. 

Insurance coverage is provided regardless of the time of booking if:

  • the insured person has to enter an officially ordered quarantine before departure
  • after the booking is made, quarantine is imposed at the travel destination

If the customer has to enter quarantine upon their return (regardless of when this was ordered), there is no insurance coverage because this is not an insured event (travel is possible).*

If a country is incorporated into the risk countries list (countries with variants of concern) after the person has made a travel booking, insurance coverage remains in place if the insured person decides not to travel based on the Federal Council’s recommendations, even though the trip is still feasible. If the trip is cancelled or changed by the trip organizer, the organizer is generally responsible for reimbursement of the travel costs.

The insured person is travelling to a country that is on the risk countries list (countries with variants of concern).

In this case, the previously applicable conditions still apply, i.e. if the booking was made when the authorities were advising against travel, no payment will be made in connection with measures taken by the authorities. Medical incidents including infection with COVID-19 (with or without symptoms) remain insured as before, regardless of the time of booking.

If, while at the travel destination, the insured person learns that they must enter quarantine upon their return, there is no insurance coverage for an early return trip because this official measure does not prevent a return trip at the scheduled time.*

Costs for COVID-19 tests

There is no financial indemnity for COVID-19 tests because the cancellation cost insurance covers only the statutory and contractual obligations for cancellation costs.

Positive PCR test

If a PCR test required for departure or a return trip is positive, and the journey is not possible as a result, we assume cancellation costs that are due by law or contract pursuant to the current General Conditions of Insurance 06.2019 in the event of a positive test before departure; in the event of a positive test before the return trip, we assume the additional transport costs for rebooking the journey and the additional costs for an extended stay amounting to up to CHF 1,000 per person.

* Pandemic coverage extension with the latest edition of the General Conditions of Insurance (10.2021)

If Relax Assistance is altered to take account of the latest terms and conditions (GCI 10.2021), the following events are coinsured, provided that the journey was booked before it was advised not to travel:

Cancellation costs

Insurance coverage exists if mandatory quarantine is imposed after the journey has been booked, either at your destination or on your return to Switzerland.

Travel insurance

If mandatory quarantine for travelers returning to Switzerland is imposed while you are on holiday, your premature return will be covered.

Wedding Insurance

Epidemics, pandemics and related official measures are not covered by the wedding insurance. We kindly ask you to contact your organizer if you have any further questions and thank you for your understanding.