Because health is your greatest asset

A doctor counsels his patient.

Because health is your greatest asset

"A person’s greatest asset is his health," says Oliver Müggler. He is a practicing cardiologist and co-owner of a group practice. He pauses briefly and then adds: "The fact that I am able to play my part in maintaining or restoring people’s health fills me with pride every day."
Cardiologist Oliver Müggler’s work-day is full of variety – on the one hand, he is involved in diagnostics and therapy for illnesses that already exist, and on the other hand, he is involved in preventing future illnesses.

The patient at the forefront

Oliver Müggler’s group practice is in the heart of Zürich’s Seefeld district. Anyone expecting a sterile hospital atmosphere is mistaken: Patients are greeted in a room flooded with light; large, brightly colored bouquets of flowers emit a subtle fragrance and adorn the tastefully furnished reception area. "It is our vision to offer people a place to get healthy, not somewhere to remain ill," explains Oliver Müggler. "That is why the patient is at the forefront." Together, the group of doctors covers four specialist areas: cardiology, general medicine, endocrinology and rheumatology. If, for example, the family physician suspects heart disease, he will consult with Oliver Müggler. Together, they come up with the optimum treatment plan. This close, interdisciplinary interaction is for the benefit of the patients as they receive comprehensive healthcare from one provider.

Working with the heart

As a cardiologist in the group practice, Oliver Müggler is involved every day in diagnosing heart diseases. This means he examines his patients’ hearts and initiates treatment plans. With the medical profession comes great responsibility, stresses Oliver Müggler as he remembers his days as a medical student. This was apparent to him even at that early stage. In our conversation with him, the level of care and passion with which he takes responsibility for the health of his patients is very apparent. That is because examinations, treatment plans and particularly consultations on preventative measures pose challenges, he says. It is not uncommon for an examination to indicate a high risk of a future illness, he says. And the doctor prescribes medication in order to prevent the patient from suffering a heart attack in ten years. This can have side effects although the beneficial effect will only show much later. Explaining the necessity of this treatment to the patient in readily understandable language and motivating him to start the treatment immediately requires sensitivity, stresses Oliver Müggler. Interaction with patients based on trust is very important for doctors. Reducing patients’ fears and giving them hope is Oliver Müggler’s daily motivation.

Between passion and being a business owner

In addition to diverse responsibilities as a doctor, the role as co-owner of a group practice also presents business responsibility. In harmony with the vision of Mediquai Ärztezentrum Zürich, the focus within the business organization is also kept on people. For Oliver Müggler, it goes without saying that all of his employees should benefit from a generous retirement provision solution. And that’s not all: The founding partners have always placed great value on the best possible protection and optimum risk coverage.

"That will be a success story"

Anton Isenschmid’s whole face beams. As a customer consultant, he has been looking after Mediquai Ärztezentrum Zürich since its inception and still clearly remembers his first encounter with Oliver Müggler. Himself a passionate cyclist, Oliver Müggler came to his first meeting with his bicycle helmet under his arm. "I liked him immediately," chuckles Isenschmid. For Isenschmid, his customers are also always partners with whom he wants to follow a plan to success. As a specialist in the area of retirement provisions, he is fulfilled when he can support other specialists with his solutions in a way that enables them to enthusiastically pursue their passion free of other worries. Isenschmid is an experienced consultant who has been working at Zurich for over 37 years now. He still very much enjoys his visits to his partners and looks forward to interacting with them. "In my job, you have to love people," says Isenschmid convincingly. The atmosphere and people at Mediquai Ärztezentrum have impressed him from the very start, and he was soon sure of one thing: "This will be a success story because when someone loves their job, it will supply them with a great deal of power and energy."

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