When the boss is absent

When the boss is absent

With SMEs, the managing director is indispensable. Their sudden absence can put the existence of the company at risk. But now there is help for these situations.

Wednesday morning, 6.45 a.m. Jürg S. is traveling on the highway to a building inspection when suddenly a truck pulls out. The self-employed tiler hits the brakes but cannot prevent a collision. His last thought before everything turns black is: "What will happen to my company?"

The fate of the company in one's hands

It happens surprisingly often that the managing director of an SME is suddenly and unexpectedly absent. This also has fatal consequences in the company. That is because the fate of the company is mostly completely in their hands. As the hub of the company, they coordinate the orders, acquire new customers, take over the quality control, and work energetically themselves.

Shock in the morning

8:02 a.m.: Regula S., the wife of the tiler, is sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee when she hears the doorbell. Two police officers are at the door. She finds out from them that her husband has had a bad accident and is in a coma. Nobody knows how long Jürg S. will be absent. His wife grips her coffee cup. The world stops spinning. How should she tell her children?

"Without me, business stops."

If the guiding hand of the managing director is missing, the company can quickly descend into chaos. And even after a few days, there is often substantial damage. If the absence continues for weeks, the existence of the company is possibly endangered. Many bosses therefore continue to work even in the hospital, because they know: "Without me, business stops." However, there can be situations in which the boss is no longer responsive. In such moments, Entrepreneur Insurance helps to keep things going in the company.

The most important things documented; access is assured

The biggest subject is usually information management: Which orders are pending in the next few weeks? What is the password to the email program where all dates and contacts are saved? Which invoices are still open? Who should stand-in in an emergency? When and how are the customers to be informed? With Entrepreneur Insurance, the managing director can document all this information in an emergency plan saved online. If this is activated, everything that is important is immediately accessible for authorized persons, such as the wife. Even if the laptop burned in the accident.

Do the right thing in an emergency

8:45 a.m.: Crisis specialist Christian D. finds out that an emergency plan has been initiated. After a few minutes, Regula S., as a person of trust, has access to all the information. Darko L., the foreman, is designated as substitute and receives the necessary power-of-attorney. Two employees volunteer to do overtime so that the current order can be completed on time. And, Regula S. knows from the emergency plan that her husband wants all medical possibilities to be utilized. In two days, the crisis specialist discusses the next steps with the substitute and the patient's wife. A temporary employee will support Regula S. in the office. And a befriended construction company takes over part of the new major contract. Therefore, the company can continue to operate.

Energetic support

The weeks that follow fly by. Regula S. commutes between the hospital, family and company. Supported by the crisis specialists, Darko L. has informed all of the employees about the situation. Now he organizes the assignments, drives from construction site to construction site and gains completely new respect for the work performed by his boss. Again and again, he discusses important subjects with the crisis specialist and profits from his experience. This helps him to make the correct decisions. Some clients, however, have canceled orders; thanks to the agreed upon cash payment, the wages for the next few months are assured in any case.

Crisis as an opportunity

Crisis managers know: In emergency situations, dependability and continuity are decisive so that customers and business partners do not lose their trust. Most clients are full of understanding and are often surprisingly flexible. However, they expect transparent communication at the right time and that the situation is handled professionally. If this happens, the company can come out of the crisis even stronger. Internally, a completely new team spirit is formed, and customers recognize that the company remains customer orientated even under the most difficult circumstances.

Back to the company

Four weeks later: Jürg S. comes into the office with a huge bag of croissants. Although he is still walking with crutches, he is once again ready to take over management. First thing in the morning, he gives a short speech to his team and praises their tremendous efforts in the past weeks. He knows that he is returning to a healthy company. He has his employees to thank for that; and the Entrepreneur Insurance.

So that it keeps on going

With the new Entrepreneur Insurance, companies are protected with Zurich if the boss is unexpectedly absent. Thanks to the online application, they can make sure, with an individual emergency plan, that the company can continue to operate professionally. A crisis specialist takes care of support in the implementation of the emergency plan. And with a cash payment, the company can ensure its liquidity.

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