A food blogger brings lots to the table

Food blogger cooks spaghetti

A food blogger brings lots to the table

Anastasia Lammer likes to be called an influencer. Yet the Zurich native is known for so much more: she produces cooking videos, creates recipes, and offers advice. She has had her own limited company since 2019. It is no coincidence that her insurance partner is Zurich.

Awakening culinary desire with videos

Cooking, baking, eating: the kitchen is Anastasia Lammer's home. That’s where the young lady from Zurich, who was born in 1990, blossoms. "I don't want to do anything else for the rest of my life," she says. Her preferred stylistic device: video. "Moving pictures awaken more desire for a dish than text."

Food blogging began as a hobby

Five years ago she started "ANA + NINA" together with a friend. The two of them met at the hotel management school in Lucerne. For three years, they ran their food blog anaundnina.ch as well as their accounts on social media platforms on the side. During the day, they worked in the restaurant business, and in the evenings they threw themselves into the kitchen at home, worked on new recipes and then prepared them in front of the camera.

Company foundation with likeable partner

In the fall of 2019, Anastasia Lammer decided to put all her eggs in the ANA + NINA basket and started her own company. She chose Zurich as her insurance partner. "My parents are already with Zurich and it also provides my contents insurance," she says. "So I didn't have to think twice about what insurance to choose for my company."

Business Insurance: quick and easy

Anastasia Lammertook out accident insurance for her company via zurichbusinessinsurance.ch. With just a few clicks, companies and the self-employed can take out insurance policies directly online or obtain advice if required. "It was easy and quick," stresses Anastasia Lammer.
ANA + NINA relies heavily on the Internet. She now has nearly 27,000 followers on Instagram alone. Anastasia Lammer is also active on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and her own food blog at anaundnina.ch – she is now one of the most successful bloggers in this country. She also made a name for herself with her Supper Clubs, the Advent calendar focusing on culinary experiences or as a jury member on TV shows. This fall will also see the release of her first cookbook: "fresh & simple". It shows you how to easily get more vegetables and fruit on your plate.

Self-employment pays off

The decision to become self-employed was not easy for her. "My biggest fear was loneliness," she confesses. Her fears were unfounded. She never felt lonely. She makes use of synergies from her environment, collaborates with others on projects. Besides, business is going too well for Anastasia Lammer to get bored.

The 30-year-old mainly earns her money with creating her own recipes. Some examples? Cranberry chocolate balls, Korean fried chicken with seaweed or hash browns with poached eggs.

In demand as an advertising ambassador

In addition, the young entrepreneur from Zurich is also in demand as an advertiser; Anastasia Lammer regularly draws attention to new products on her blog. "I receive so many requests now that I can't even accommodate all of them," she says. Only suitable products are advertised. "I only promote a product that I really know something about," she stresses.

Recipe for success: "Stay who you are"

And what is the recipe for a successful blog? "Don't pretend. Stay who you are and devote yourself to what you particularly enjoy," replies Anastasia Lammer without a second thought.

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