Making the celebration unforgettable

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Making the celebration unforgettable

Zurich business customer Yvonne Ebneter has founded a startup: "Eyfach Catering" provides services for weddings, family celebrations and corporate events. What makes it special is the individual service with a particular love for detail.
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The subject of cooking has long been a focus for Yvonne Ebneter. And amazing family and friends with a spectacular buffet has always been the most wonder­ful pleasure for her. Now that the children are grown up she has turned her passion into a job and founded her own company.

Successfully founding a company: three tips from the catering specialist

  1. Offer something unique
    Many people can cook well – Yvonne Ebneter's buffets stand out with their extraordinary presen­tation. Her aim is to achieve the "wow factor" at first sight. And then once again when the guests sample her dishes. More detailed information can be found below
  2. Good planning is half the battle
    When catering, Yvonne Ebneter always has to expect the un­expected. Thanks to meticulous prepa­ration with a timetable, task list and precise allocation of tasks, she stays relaxed when things heat up, even when not everything is going to plan.
  3. Gain time to spend with the customer
    Yvonne Ebneter wants to cater to the needs and ideas of her customers – this is much more important to her than paper­work. With Zurich, she can take out her mandatory accident insurance online with just a few clicks, and in doing so she gains time to spend with her customers.

No compromises

Yvonne Ebneter does not compro­mise when it comes to cooking. She finds fresh ingredients on farms and at markets, she prepares her buffets meticulously and above all, she presents the dishes in an exclusive way and with a love for detail. Yvonne Ebneter's trade­mark is a perfectly coordinated design concept, from hand-written information labels and unique crockery, to fine table­cloths and linen napkins, to elaborate decoration with natural elements. "It breaks my heart when a high-­quality meal is served on paper plates and in plastic bowls. After all, you eat with your eyes," she explains. She selects interesting recipes from many countries. But her secret favorite is Italian cuisine – "because it is delicate and uncomplicated."

An event to enjoy

"My target events are birth­days and weddings or special corporate events," explains Yvonne Ebneter. She is involved with each event from A to Z and coordinates every­thing. "But it would not work without the support of my family," she acknowledges. They haul boxes of crockery and also help at the events them­selves. Of course, there are plenty of stressful situations - "it is some­times necessary to be simple, pragmatic and creative." The main thing for Yvonne Ebneter is that her customers can thoroughly enjoy the event and don’t have to worry about a thing.

Founding a business requires courage

Having courage and taking a chance – this was the biggest challenge for Yvonne Ebneter when founding her business. "And there was a lot to think about, such as hygiene concepts and main­taining the cold chain." She is happy to do everything for the customer. "But paper­work is honestly not really my thing." The same applies to insurance. Never­theless, she knows it is vital that she and her employees are well covered. So she has taken out manda­tory accident insurance with Zurich – with just a few clicks online.

What counts is quality and service

"I am very happy that I can choose the way of contact with Zurich: via the internet, on the phone or in person with a customer advisor." If she needs insurance, they will be there for her – "but in the meantime, I would prefer to dedicate my time to my customers. I want to offer them a high-quality, un­complicated service – and that is exactly what I expect from an insurance company."

Try to surprise – and to be unforgettable

Because Yvonne Ebneter prepares everything fresh, the last few days before an event are intense for her. "Every­thing we serve up is made by hand with a lot of love and passion. This means my work is exhausting but very satis­fying." Two moments are parti­cularly important to her: the surprise of the guests when they see the buffet – and the quiet moment at the end of the event. Hearing that it was unique and unforgettable means her effort has paid off, in line with her mantra: "No culinary pleasure is temporary, because the impression it makes is lasting."

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