Legal aid soothes nerves - also for SMEs

Legal aid soothes nerves - also for SMEs

For SME owners, the day really needs to have 48 hours. They bear the entire responsibility and their work load is enormous. Those who do not also have to worry about legal questions can count themselves lucky. Five examples why legal expenses insurance is worthwhile for entrepreneurs.

The best work has to be paid for

An independent consultant appointed an ambitious young business economist. The new employee worked as hard as he could and stayed late at the office until late every evening. His boss was pleased - until the highly-motivated business economist suddenly confronted him with an overtime claim for CHF 25,000. He had secretly made a note of his overtime and then calculated it at a high hourly rate including a 25% surcharge. Did this overtime really need to be paid?

A combine harvester goes haywire

A farmer had invested in a modern combine harvester. Initially, everyone was delighted. However, after a few months, the machine literally went haywire, coming to a standstill in the middle of the field or running the wrong harvesting program. The manufacturer denied any fault and accused the farmer of operator errors. The farmer was very disappointed - and very worried, since he could not afford expensive repairs or a new combine harvester. Who was now going to help him to bring in the harvest?

A doctor loses his practice

A dermatologist had a practice above a shopping center for 15 years. His patients appreciated the central location and good parking facilities. When the shopping center was sold, he was flabbergasted to have the lease for his practice cancelled. The construction of urban lofts had already been approved - in three months the doctor would have to vacate his surgery. Did he have any way of challenging the eviction or at least extending his lease? 

A printer under pressure

A printing company had produced a high print run of a lavishly illustrated picture book. But the client was dissatisfied with the quality of particular pictures and announced he would only pay half the bill. But the printer had pointed out the problem of the resolution in advance and considered the client's attitude to be unfair. It did not see why it should shoulder the high costs for the work done, paper and bookbinder. Who would support it in getting its money?

On the safe side with legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance is indispensable for an SME At our legal expenses partner Orion, customers benefit from a free legal advice hotline in all legal fields. The legal expenses insurance defends their interests and helps them obtain justice. If you need a lawyer or wish to have recourse to mediation, these costs are borne. In addition, the legal expenses insurance covers your court and procedural costs and pays for expert opinions or assessments. There are even industry-specific insurance solutions for communities, doctors and farmers.

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