From the diary of a wedding ring

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From the diary of a wedding ring

All the things that can happen to valuables: a wedding ring talks about its exciting life.
"Every piece of jewelry has a soul of its own," maintain experienced goldsmiths. At any rate, that's true of me. As a fine piece of work from Zurich's Bahnhof­strasse, I really am something special. Reto paid a small fortune for me. "You're my precious," he joked – and his soon-to-be wife Katarina laughed adoringly. 

Trembling hands on the wedding day

I'll never forget the wedding day: Reto's hands were trembling so badly he almost couldn't put me on Katarina's ring finger. I was beginning to worry that I might crash loudly onto the stone floor of the church. But luckily it all went well. And for the next few hours, I basked in the limelight: the newly minted bride proudly held out her hand to all the guests. "What a beautiful ring," everyone kept saying. "It's platinum with diamonds," beamed Katarina.

Almost stolen on the way to the jeweler's

The next few years on Katarina's hand flew by. She only removed me before sleeping and to knead dough. Every five years Reto has me cleaned and polished and occasionally treats me to a new diamond. Once something bad almost happened on the way to the jeweler's: Reto had stored me carefully in his briefcase. While withdrawing money at an ATM, the briefcase was next to him and a thief grabbed it and ran off. It was a good thing Reto goes jogging regularly. He tracked the thief patiently right across the city for minutes on end until the latter dropped the booty exhausted and annoyed. Now I'm back in good hands.

Banished to a drawer during marital crisis

Another time I was almost left in a hotel bathroom. Reto and Katarina were on vacation and quarreled incessantly. She left early. In the morning, she hurled all her clothes angrily into a suitcase. Only at the last moment did she check the bathroom again and stick me in her jacket pocket. I spent the next few days in an envelope in the sock drawer. One evening, she retrieved me crying and gazed pensively at my little diamonds. And sighed, "Hopefully everything will turn out right again..." Nervously, she turned me over in her hands and didn't notice that one of the precious stones fell out of its setting. The next morning it was vacuumed away by the cleaning lady.

A bouquet of red roses

In fact, three days later Reto stood before the door with a large bouquet of red roses. And I was back on Katarina's finger. At first, she didn't notice that one of the stones was missing, but when she did, tears fell again. "Don't worry, darling, I'll take care of that," Reto reassured her. A week later, I was whole once again. I have to say, now I've practically experienced everything that can happen to something valuable: almost stolen, being forgotten, damaged... All the same, I've not yet been flattened by a steamroller or buried by an earthquake. I'd prefer not to even imagine such catastrophes. 

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