Insure household contents online – and find the best protection

Insure household contents online – and find the best protection

It's nice and easy: just a few clicks and the new insurance will be concluded online. But because it is so quick, it is even more important that you ask yourself the right questions before clicking the mouse. With the following six tips you will be sure to benefit from the best protection. In addition, you will learn how to determine the correct sum insured for your household contents.

Question 1:
What precisely are "contents"?

Imagine that your home is a doll's house and you turn it upside down. Everything that has now fallen out of it definitely counts as content – in addition to your bike in the basement, the ski equipment in the garage and the luggage set in the attic.

In other words:
If you had to move out tomorrow, what would you give to the movers? All of this comes under contents and should therefore be considered in the sum insured.

Your chosen sum insured should enable you to purchase the entire contents of the moving truck brand-new.

Question 2:
Which is the correct value to be considered for household goods?

Is your furniture brand-new or has it been through the wars? This is of no importance for the sum insured for your contents insurance:

What matters is not the cash value but the so-called new value. This means that to correctly determine the sum insured you need to consider the price at which you could purchase the contents brand-new.

When determining the sum insured, you should ignore the original purchase price and any special prices from online shops. What matters here is the current purchase price at which the contents can be replaced brand-new.

Question 3:
Is my sum insured correct?

Who can say spontaneously what the value of their household contents is? For people who work in an office, the cost of the contents of their wardrobe alone often amounts to five figures. The fine crockery in the kitchen wasn't for free either, and the expensive ski equipment in the cellar also comes at a price.

As such, you shouldn't just blindly rely on the standard values on the online calculator, which suggests a sum insured on the basis of your information. After all, the tool doesn't know that you have 2,000 books in your living room, that you possess extensive winter and summer gear as you are an avid athlete, that you own a comprehensive CD or vinyl collection or that you have been collecting antique furniture for 35 years.

People who set their sum too low run the risk of only being partly compensated if the worst comes to the worst. This is because insurers have the right to reduce their benefits proportionally if the sum insured is too low. 

Walk from room to room with a notepad in order to determine the realistic cost of replacing your household contents – and while you are doing this don't forget about the things tucked away in the cellar, attic and garage. Contact the hotline or your general agency if you are unsure.

Question 4:
Do I need theft insurance?

If something was stolen from inside your home, this is covered by contents insurance. With the supplementary module "Simple theft outside the home," you can protect your bicycle, cellphone, laptop and designer handbag when you are on the go – cash is not covered, however.

If something has been stolen from you, with Zurich you can look for a replacement online straightaway. However, you can also opt to receive a payment or a voucher, for Zalando or Ochsner Sport, for example. 

The option "Super theft" offers you especially good coverage when traveling: as soon as you travel or stay overnight more than 50 km from home, your sum insured doubles, from 2,000 to 4,000 francs, for example. In addition, with "Super theft" not only is your luggage insured against loss or damage resulting from theft; it is also insured against other damage, destruction or loss – if, for example, you drop your camera on the floor or overboard while on a cruise.

And if your flight luggage goes to Hawaii, but you fly to Dubai, Zurich will cover the costs of the necessary replacements, up to a maximum of 30 percent of your sum insured. In this example that would be 1,200 francs.

Question 5:
Can I get better protection for my cellphone?

Of course. And this could be of interest. Because not only can your cellphone or tablet be stolen; it could also be dropped, hit, drowned in coffee or left out in the rain.

The additional module "Accidental damage to electrical equipment" has been developed just for this kind of damage, whether it was inflicted by yourself or someone else.

Protect your valuable electronic devices with accidental damage insurance from Zurich. In contrast to basic cellphone insurance, your tablet, TV and hi-fi system are protected – in each case with a deductible of at least 200 francs.

Question 6:
Should I also take out personal liability insurance? What is this?

Personal liability insurance is often taken out together with contents insurance. This insurance is definitely recommended: it is there for damage that you mistakenly inflict upon others – if you were to stumble, for example, and knock an antique vase off its pedestal or put a burn in the carpet of a hotel room. If something "stupid" happens, so to speak.

But there are also situations that should not happen: for example, if you run a red light on your bicycle and injure a pedestrian or if you light a candle, then leave the house and the building catches fire. Such behavior is considered gross negligence – and in such cases insurers have the right to reduce their benefits.

Be sure to include gross negligence cover with your personal liability. After all, who can completely rule out the possibility of something really stupid happening to them? The extra few francs are a good investment and ensure that you receive the best possible protection – even if your mind was somewhere else entirely for a moment.



  • Zurich gives a 30-percent discount for personal liability cover for anyone up to the age of 25; customers up to the age of 30 save 20 percent.
  • For contents cover, the reduction is 20 percent for anyone up to the age of 25 and 10 percent for those up to the age of 30.
  • Try out our online calculator.

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