So that everything goes well during the move – the five best tips

So that everything goes well during the move – the five best tips

When we move, we are opening up a new chapter in the book of our lives. It's exciting, but hard work too. Five tips to ensure that pleasant anticipation is the key factor, and not stress:

Planning, planning, planning

Do you intend to move all your stuff yourself, or enlist the help of the professionals? As soon as this question has been answered you will have to collect some quotes or get your friends mobilized. A checklist will help you to tick off all the important tasks up to day X. Don't forget: You will often need to reserve a parking space for the moving truck, or even get a special permit, depending on the situation. Incidentally, moving is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of all your unnecessary items. Check with your municipality to see if you will have to dispose of your waste yourself or if you can leave some out for the bulk garbage.

Packing – but properly

Use your head when packing. Which items will you need again immediately and which can you unpack later? Label the removals crates on the side instead of on top – then you will be able to read the information even when the crates are stacked up. Wrap framed pictures carefully in bubble wrap. You should also stick masking tape across the glass. That way the picture will remain in one piece, even if the glass breaks.

After the move our sofa burst open

If anything does go wrong

Was the piano too heavy after all, did your helper drop the box full of porcelain or is there a huge scratch on the parquet? Damage to your rented apartment is covered by personal liability insurance. If your valuable vase is broken or the sofa bursts open, the situation is more complicated: According to the law, your private moving helper – who is helping out as a favor to you – is not or only partly liable for the damage incurred. This also applies to the moving company – it can limit its liability. Your contents insurance may help out in this context, covering up to CHF 2,000 worth of damage under the "Damage suffered when moving" heading. For valuable household contents, it is advisable to take out a specific transport insurance policy for the day of the move. You can often do that through the moving company. Should anyone with sticky fingers remove a box or an individual item from the stack by the moving truck, this is covered by the supplementary module of your contents insurance, "Simple theft outside the home".

With all the stress, I almost forgot our wedding anniversary

Take your time

Moving is a stressful event. Not only because there's a whole lot to do, but also because your life is often undergoing a profound change, be that your job or your family situation. In spite of all the pressure you should take time to adapt to this new situation. Include some spare time in your schedule. That way you will remain calm even when something unforeseen happens.

Don't forget the neighbors

It is to be hoped that you will be living in peace with your new neighbors for the next few years. So don't annoy them on your first day, but put a letter into their mailboxes to let them know that you will be moving in. In this letter, you can also take the opportunity to introduce yourself – and promise that you will invite your new neighbors to come round for a drink in the future.

Expert tip

Good to know: With Zurich your household goods are insured even during the move, for up to CHF 2,000: If anything gets broken, Zurich will pay out in the context of the "Damage suffered when moving" coverage. The supplementary module "Simple theft outside the home" will cover any stolen items.

Moving tips for families

  1. Use your strength and energy sparingly
    If you have children, your life is already stressful. Leave enough time for preparation and packing. If possible do this work during daytime. This will help you to save your energy for the actual move. 
  2. Let the little ones do their part
    Are your children looking forward to their new home? Though this might not speed up your work, let your children help with the preparation; perhaps they could pack one of the boxes with their own favorite toys.
  3. Help your kids with the transition
    Make it easier for your children to switch day-care centers, kindergartens or schools by visiting the new facilities, playgrounds or sports clubs. In this way it will be easier for them to adapt to their new surroundings.

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