Private risk provision

Private risk provision

Many people carry a lot of responsibility. For themselves and often for their nearest and dearest too. For that reason it is important to be well aware of your own financial situation at every stage in your life and to protect yourself in the right way.
When you start a family, you are no longer merely responsible for yourself but for others too. Children need love and kindness but at the same time there are financial obligations to be met. Of course you bear this responsibility. But who will do it if you are suddenly no longer there and your salary disappears from one day to the next?

Make provision for that event – with a term life insurance policy

The loss of an income leaves a big hole in the household budget; at the same time, the financial commitments remain the same. With a term life insurance policy, at least you can provide well for the financial aspect. 

The best thing is to discuss the situation with a specialist. That way, you will provide for the right people and choose the appropriate insurance coverage, so your loved ones can still afford things such as living expenses, ongoing education costs, mortgage payments or funeral costs.


A medical examination is required if you want to take out life insurance. The younger you are when you do it, the better – most of us don’t become healthier in old age.

Disability resulting from illness: Significantly less income after two years

A disability can also be a threat to the family budget. Of course the state pension system and your occupational retirement provision will step in to help – after a waiting period. But let’s not forget, in case of illness your employer’s sickness benefit payments will cease after two years, if not before, and your available income will be lower.     
Did you know that in nine out of ten cases of disability, an illness was the cause? And particularly in the case of disability resulting from illness, the financial losses can be massive – in the case of accidents you are better protected. An insurance policy for a disability pension can secure your financial equilibrium. 


You should also take out your risk insurance policies in pillar 3a, if possible. Then the premiums can be deducted from your taxable income.

No children, no (pensions) worries? Wrong again!

Do you not have any children yet, are you still in education, or are you just planning your world trip or your wedding? If you briefly look back on your life so far, you'll quickly notice that there are constant changes in your life. These changes also affect your insurance needs and pension provisions. For that reason it is important to be well aware of your own financial situation, whatever life may throw at you, and to know how you can influence it correctly. Did you know, for example, that people who have not insured their income through the occupational retirement scheme are entitled to a disability pension of just 14,000 Swiss francs for full disability? You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that nobody can live on that amount in Switzerland.


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Everything you need to know about investing

Those who want to secure their income in the long term or who carry financial responsibility for their family cannot get away from a few important basic principles on the subject of retirement provision. Our e-book explains the most important points in brief.

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