Realizing new dreams in retirement

Realizing new dreams in retirement

Leonardo has worked hard all his life and built up a successful business in "Gelateria Leonardo." Ice cream is his passion. Now he is 56 and slowly starting to think about what else he would like out of life. His biggest dream? To hand the business over to his two daughters. His second-biggest dream? To finally take the time to travel and see the world.
Until they retire, lots of people are busy budgeting for their spending and saving for the future. Expensive journeys far afield tend to be overlooked during this phase of life: Elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and leopards – the so-called "big five" – are sights they will probably only see at the zoo during these years. Those who work for themselves tend to invest every cent in the company and are also so busy that they barely find the time to enjoy life.

Holidays whenever you want

That all changes after retirement. This is the time to reap the rewards. Finally you can draw money from your pension and you simultaneously find you have more free time than ever before. Now, vague possibilities can become a reality: That expedition to the South Pole is within reach, as is the chance to see the "big five" roaming free. Nevertheless, most people stay at home. Why?

Depleting your assets takes courage

Lots of retirees are afraid to spend their money – because they cannot estimate how long their assets need to last them. This means they fail to exploit the best time in their lives to travel. And that's a shame: Who knows how fit and healthy you'll be at 80? Of course you need to budget for your holidays after retirement too. Often, though, there are more possibilities than you think. Experience shows that it is sufficient to have around 50 percent of your assets remaining for life after 80. When do you turn 80? Don't forget to enjoy your money up until then.

How expensive can your holiday be?

With a personal pension plan, you'll find the right balance between indulgence and security. Have you already retired? With comprehensive financial planning, you can be sure that you'll be able to afford an active phase of travel. With a withdrawal plan, you generate additional monthly income on top of your pension from OASI and pension funds. This way, you can enjoy life – safe in the knowledge that you'll have enough money later on too.

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