Targeted configuration of the future thanks to retirement planning

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Targeted configuration of the future thanks to retirement planning

Professional retirement planning enables you to set a course for a relaxed retirement - ideally already in your "golden fifties".
Were you born in the 1960s? Then you are probably enjoying your "golden years" right now. In the age group 50+, you benefit in professional life from your rich experience, are efficient and at ease. But the subject of "retirement" is gradually drawing closer. Now is the perfect moment for taking stock and planning your financial future.

Important questions in the "golden fifties"

  • What income and expenditure can I expect after retirement?
  • Can I afford early retirement?
  • What tax advantages would partial retirement have?
  • How can you save taxes in relation to retirement?
  • Should I draw my pension fund assets as a lump sum or an annuity?
  • How long will my assets last and what investment opportunities do I have?
  • Is my home still viable in old age?
  • How is my partner protected?
  • Should I already take care of my estate now?

Your retirement planning – as individual as you

There are no general answers to these questions. They depend on your personal life circumstances. Consequently, your retirement planning is precisely tailored to you. Together with a specially trained pension planning expert, you define all of the topics important to you. The specialist then prepares an individual analysis for you and on this basis creates your very own retirement planning. The consultation is rounded off by tailor-made provision and investment suggestions.

Feel relaxed taking the right decisions

As a result, you discover previously unknown financial opportunities. You know how you can reach your financial goals and are confident you can feel relaxed taking the right decisions. We also support you during the implementation – however, you are not tied to our offers, but also remain at liberty to select your retirement provision and investment solutions.

Your retirement schedule

Prepare for your retirement in good time – so as to ensure you can enjoy this life phase without worries. Our checklist for the retirement planning countdown will help you to do so. 

Download checklist

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