Make your dreams come true with good retirement provision

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Make your dreams come true with good retirement provision

Who can say what course their life will take over the next 20 years? Good retirement provision offers security and at the same time allows leeway should personal circumstances change.

Feeling free, but protected

Jan (34) is a web designer and works as a freelancer. His creative freedom is especially important to him. He does not yet know what course his life will take. But he definitely knows that he wants to keep his freedom – also in a financial sense. He is therefore already saving with Premium Life, the clever solution from Zurich. It offers him security in the form of a guaranteed payment and very good return opportunities thanks to participation in the Swiss equity market. He pays CHF 5,000 into his pillar 3a account each year – and can deduct this amount in full from his taxable income. This way, he can reduce his tax bill considerably.

Suddenly everything looks different after having a child

Three years later: Jan's life has changed fundamentally. He has married the marketing specialist Sarah (33), and they recently have had their first child together. Now Jan realizes that he wants to protect his family against the hand of fate. He therefore includes a lump-sum death benefit in his retirement provision solution. Sarah also opts for Premium Life: After maternity leave, she will continue to work 60 percent for the time being, but might take some time out later. She likes the fact that Premium Life can be adapted flexibly to her life – it is possible to have a premium break of up to three years. She also finds it reassuring that Zurich guarantees a minimum payment – disregarding, she can expect a nice return.

Moving into their own home

Fast forward ten years: Jan and Sarah are now both in their mid-40s and have two children. Because their city apartment is bursting at the seams, they buy a small house in the countryside. Their bank advisor is impressed with how well the two have provided security for themselves. Jan and Sarah find out that they could use the savings amounts from pillar 3a as equity. In their case, however, this is not necessary, because Sarah has inherited 200,000 francs from her aunt.

Dream road trip across Canada

Now in their late 40s, Jan and Sarah have become successful with their joint creative agency. But there is still one dream left unfulfilled: they would like to spend a year traveling across Canada in a motor home. They therefore decide to take out Premium Life in pillar 3b as well. This additional savings insurance allows them to save further capital, which is paid out to them tax-free after ten years. This allows Jan and Sarah to lay the foundation for turning their dream vacation into a reality.

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