50 years vitaparcours

50 years vitaparcours

Whether piano or karate, tennis or dancing, there are many leisure activities on offer for children nowadays. As hobbies usually specifically nurture a personal talent, they are often undertaken by the child alone. The Zurich vitaparcours is different. Here, family, sport and fun go hand in hand.
There is nothing better than your daughter's first dance show or your son's first goal. Children want to try out everything, and parents find it hard to say no. Usually, their aim is to nurture their children as widely and yet as specifically as possible.

Everything comes at a cost

Games have to be won and shows have to be practiced. But there is a price to pay for this: Many hobbies are expensive, and the expectations placed on the child are often high.
The vitaparcours is different, being concerned with nature pure and simple, without any performance expectations. A total of 43 exercises are spread across 15 stations on a route through the forest, and everyone decides for themselves how much they want to do that day. On the vitaparcours, sport becomes a very personal experience.

Healthy and free

Walking through the forest as a family, doing stretching and jumping exercises, and with a bit of luck, spotting a badger, beaver or fox is not just good for your health but for your soul too. The vitaparcours makes everyone a winner, offering an opportunity to relax in the fresh air, spend time with your family and be active – all for free. It's an investment that pays off: Hobbies come and go, but shared experiences as a family remain.

50 years of Zurich vitaparcours

The first Zurich vitaparcours was established in Zurich in 1968 by the Zurich subsidiary Vita Life Insurance Ltd. The goal was to promote a healthy lifestyle and create natural and family experiences. The 50th Zurich vitaparcours was opened in 1970, and there are now 500 of them in Switzerland. These free, public health routes are known to 85 percent of all Swiss citizens. 
Each parcours is situated in a natural environment. This means that every parcours is unique: On average, a parcours is 2.35 kilometers long and has a height difference of 59 meters. However, there are more taxing parcours measuring around three kilometers and with up to 120 meters in height gain. Vitaparcours near you can be found using the Vitaparcours Finder at www.zurichvitaparcours.ch.

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