Matthias Glarer and his biggest fight

Matthias Glarer and his biggest fight

He was at the pinnacle of his career. But king of Swiss wrestling Matthias Glarner fell far – literally. He only just survived his twelve-meter fall. King of Swiss wrestling Matthias Glarner is currently contesting what is surely his toughest fight – after a serious accident, he is working his way back up to the top. He is convinced that he will master this challenge.
In the summer of 2016, Matthias Glarner gained a well-earned triumph at the Swiss national Swiss wrestling festival and was chosen by more than 50,000 onlookers to be the king of Swiss wrestling. There is no doubt that this was the pinnacle of his successful career. But, one year later, a stroke of fate changed his life from the ground up – until today.

Matthias Glarner

From professional sportsman to patient

During a photoshoot, the man from Meiringen fell more than twelve meters from a cable car. He survived, but badly injured his pelvis and ankle joint. This moment instantly transformed him from being a fit professional sportsman to a seriously injured patient. Matthias Glarner does not believe in fate. He already valued his life before this event. Despite this he says: "It was impressive how life can completely change within a split second. Losing concentration for just a moment is enough for everything to turn upside down."

A good insurance plan saved him

Luckily, Glarner was financially prepared for a stroke of fate and was well provided for with the right insurance. "It is worth asking oneself certain questions early on: What if? What impact do major changes have on me and those around me? In hindsight, I am very happy that I had the right protection." This is all the more important because one year after the momentous fall, in the summer of 2018, Glarner experienced a setback in his convalescence period.

Despite the setback, he's back at the top

His injured left foot did not stand up to the high demands of training and required renewed surgery. For Matthias Glarner, this was no reason to bemoan his fate. "I assessed the situation for what it was. The surgery was necessary to enable me to reach my ambitious goals." Confidence and certainty are provided via his reliable surroundings. Because, without the right people at his side, he would not have taken the journey back to the top.

No time for compromises

Matthias Glarner wants to be back in the sawdust-strewn Swiss wrestling ring. To do this, he is carrying out an intensive rehab program with build-up phase. "There is no time for compromises. I am investing a phenomenal amount to rebuild my body. Ultimately, I'd like to stay healthy for many years after I stop Swiss wrestling." But for the moment he is concentrating fully on the Swiss national Swiss wrestling and Alpine festival this summer in Zug. He would like to show his top performance again. This goal gives him the energy required to get the maximum out of it thanks to painstaking and hard work – a win. "Success can be planned and my hunger for it is huge. I am convinced that my journey as an active wrestler has not yet come to an end."

Matthias Glarner at a glance

The 33-year-old man from the Bern uplands is a member of the Meiringen Swiss wrestling club and has amassed more than 100 crowns in his career, three of which at Swiss national festivals.   
In addition to Swiss wrestling, Garner trained as a polytechnician before completing a bachelor and master's degree in sports science and history at the University of Bern.  
After many years of working as a gym and sports teacher, when not Swiss wrestling, he now works on a 60 to 80 percent basis as an HR advisor for the Meiringen Hasliberg mountain railways.

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