Relaxed Christmas - 5tips

Relaxed Christmas - 5 tips

Does your home smell of pine twigs and freshly baked cookies or are you a Christmas Grinch? Either way, with these five tips you will be able to enjoy a relaxed Christmas.

Tip 1: Silverware? Oh dear! I only bought you ...

Too generous? Too stingy? Too nondescript or too personal? Many questions arise when out shopping for gifts; a stressful time for most people. Why not suggest that this year everyone should only buy one gift. For example, you could draw lots to decide who buys a gift for whom. And why not fix a price range.

Tip 2: Why does it always have to be me?

Do you sometimes feel that you end up doing all the work? Then write a to-do list and share the tasks. This way everyone feels involved and no one ends up unable to cope. Maybe there are even tasks that you can do after the holidays or cross off the list altogether.

Tip 3: Was the turkey too dry? Not to worry.

Stay calm if not everything goes according to plan at the family party or something even goes horribly wrong. Not everything has to be perfect - this applies to you, too. Isn’t it just nice to spend time together.

Tip 4: What I’ve always wanted to tell you ...

People are often on edge on  Christmas Eve: During the holidays, it is better keep well-intentioned advice to yourself. Especially parenting advice, nutritional tips and political views have no place at the Christmas table.

Tip 5: Is everything real? There are other ways!

A real tree, real candles, a pot roast in the oven, and obedient children: the perfect family idyll. However, we are no longer living in the 50s. We are allowed to do things differently. Eat sushi, order something from the caterer or buy an artificial tree with colored disco lights - do whatever you like. After all, it's your party.

The less you let yourself get stressed out by Christmas, the more you will actually be able to enjoy the festival. And maybe you will actually find time for real encounters despite the hustle and bustle. Because ultimately that's what Christmas is all about.

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