Parking via smartphone – innovations in the car industry

Parking via smart­phone – inno­vations in the car industry

Electric or hybrid? Parking via smartphone or camera? The car industry is developing rapidly. Here are the most exciting recent trends:

Looking to avoid a deer? Sure!

What is more dangerous – running over a deer or leaving the road when swerving to avoid it? Hopefully, such questions will soon be a thing of the past. That is because the cars of the future should not only recognize hazards but also be able to automatically work out a safe emergency maneuver. So drivers will no longer hit the deer or end up in the trees by the road.

Avoid embarrassing parking maneuvers

Some can do it better than others: with a few elegant moves, they maneuver into the tightest of parking spaces. For anyone who struggles though, parking via mobile phone or car key will be a blessing. The driver steers the car from outside via remote control and can thus calculate distances much more easily. Embarrassing maneuvers surrounded by a crowd of helpful but amused onlookers can thus be avoided in future.

Cameras instead of mirrors

The car of the future will be equipped with even more cameras, for instance to measure distances or initiate breaking maneuvers. The first manufacturers are even toying with replacing all mirrors with cameras and turning the entire windshield into a display. This means a "glazed hood" at the front and an unimpeded view behind, even when the trunk is full to the brim with luggage.

Your car knows you perfectly

"Oh no, the wrong radio station again!" If several drivers share a vehicle, it is currently necessary to reset the driver's seat, music and even air conditioning each time they switch. Future cars will render this unnecessary, as they will adapt to the respective driver's needs individually. This may also mean activating a different engine program for a mother with a sporty driving style to that for her son, who drives more defensively.

One point of the finger – and peace is restored

Parents with small children dream of using one tiny hand movement to restore peace. While the car of the future will not silence children automatically, the car radio will obey one point of the finger and get louder or quieter. Other elements, such as sunroofs, will also respond to a movement of the hand.

Taking an electric car on vacation

At present, many people are hesitant to buy an electric car. They worry about their short range, which is partly dependent on speed and external temperature. However, the car industry is working hard on battery and charging technology. Manufacturers promise cars with ranges of over 500 kilometers early as 2020. This will mean that electric cars are not only an attractive option in urban traffic but also for going on vacation.

Expert tip

Innovative and award-winning: in 2016 Zurich launched car insurance without a premium scale system and won the Swiss Insurance Innovation Prize as a result. The insurance rewards safe driving and offers lots of benefits for customers. The premium does not automatically increase in the event of a loss. Three years of accident-free driving is rewarded with a reduction of 500 Swiss francs on the deductible.

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